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INTRODUCTION TO CASES Introductory Tutorial
Introduction to Cases

What is a Case? A case is a detailed log of a customer's problem, question, request etc.

Locate Customer Data You have just received a call from Jane Doe at Acme.
  • First, locate the Acme account from the Accounts tab page.
  • Look for Jane Doe' contact information in the Contacts section of Acme's account details page. You may need to create a new contact for Ms. Doe if one does not exist.
  • It may also be necessary to verify that this customer is eligible for customer support.

Creating a Case During your conversation with Ms. Doe, she told you about the problem she was having. You now need to create a case to describe this problem.
  • Click the New Cases link located in the list of ADD options toward the top of the page.
  • First, link the case to Ms. Doe, since she is the one who had the problem. To do this, click the icon located to the right of the Contact Name field. A window will pop up displaying a list of contacts. Choose Jane Doe from the list and close the window.
  • Now fill in the rest of the case information and click the Save button to save the case.

Managing your Cases Besides logging and handling your own cases, you may have cases assigned to you.
  • To view all open cases assigned to you, select the My Open Cases view and click Go!
  • To view all open cases throughout your organization, select the All Open Cases view and click Go!

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