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Introduction to Accounts

What is an Account?
An account is a company or organization that is involved in some way with your company. They could be a customer, partner, investor etc.

Creating Accounts
You have just gained a new customer called Acme Corporation.
  • Begin by using either of the following methods:
    1. From the Accounts tab page, use the Quick Addition section to quickly add a new account without entering a lot of information. Further details can be filled in at a later time.
    2. Click the New Accounts link to create a new account with a detailed profile.
  • Use the Parent Account field to link a company to it's parent company. In this way you can keep track companies and their subsidiaries.
  • Add contacts to the account to keep track of people you know within the company.
  • Add opportunities to the account to keep track of pending business from each account.

Capturing Accounts from your Web Site
When Jane Doe purchased one of your products from your web site, she filled out a brief billing information form you created with's Accounts Web Capture Tool. When she submitted the form a new account was created in your organization.
  • From the Accounts tab page, click the Web Capture Accounts link located in the Account Tools section.
  • Click the new web capture tool link.
  • Fill in the Web Capture Info form and select which fields you want to include in your web capture form using the Select Fields section.
  • Click the Create/Update button to create the web capture tool.
  • Generate the HTML code for your form. Your web master will put the form on your web site.
  • Your web master may also modify the look of the form to match your company's web site.
  • Although you may modify the look and feel of the form, do not change field, variable or any other object names. For example, field display names may be changed but the field names themselves may not.

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