Best Cloud CRM Software for 2023

20th Anniversary Edition

Our 20th Anniversary Edition is here. Keep your team ahead of the curve.

Best Cloud CRM Software

Newest Cloud CRM Software for 2023 Highlights

  • New Mobile Edition
  • Drip Marketing Campaigns with Email and Text Messaging (SMS)
  • Click-to-Dial within the CRM
  • Microsoft365 plugin (formerly Office365)
  • Quickbooks plugin
  • Google Workspace plugin (formerly G Suite)
  • Google Maps app
  • JSON API for integrations
  • Sales Scripting
  • Service Scripting
  • Surveys
  • Salesboom Revenue Management
  • Document Management & Workflow
  • FastTrack Setup, implementation & training program
  • Built-to-suit Software, Customization & Integration from our Pro Services Dept.
  • New Integrations with RingCentral, Twilio, Shopify, Shoretel, Zapier, and more
  • Data-as-a-Service
  • AI
  • Dictation; Voice-to-CRM

We have brand new verticals for many different industries and sub-industries such as Construction, Manufacturing, Agriculture, Mechanical, Healtcare, Retail, Recruiting, Consulting and more.

What can Salesboom do for your business?

  • Increase Revenue
  • Improve the Bottom Line
  • Close Larger Deals more often
  • Increase frequency and size of upsell opportunities
  • Increase frequency and size of cross-sells
  • Increase Referrals
  • Sales & Marketing Alignment
  • Reporting and Analytics across many departments
  • Sales pipeline efficiency improvement
  • Manage Marketing campaigns that convert
  • Make your Marketing organization Timely & Relevant

As always, our 'Built-to-Suit' model allows you to order up customizations, for fast and low-cost solutions tailored to your exacting needs. Since 2003, Salesboom has a been a Global leader in all-in-one Cloud CRM, SFA and Digital Commerce solutions for businesses of all sizes. We are proud to offer you the best value in our easy-to-use systems. We will be celebrating our 16th for an entire year with new features, new vertical editions, new API and Developer tools as well as new service offerings to help you achieve success with your CRM. Salesboom celebrating 16 years as a leading Cloud CRM pioneer and we would like to share it with you. We have been working very hard on building the next generation of tools to help you grow profitably, become more Agile, and save on costs. We are have an all-in-one CRM solution that allows for managing your business across departments and across organizations.

What's new:

CRM Bundles: Now you can purchase bundles and save money with pre-integrated plugins that you choose, ala carte and get up and running quickly with a fully integrated solution across all departments in your business. Bundle Salesboom Cloud CRM offerings such as Sales Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Support Cloud, Digital Commerce Cloud, Big Data Cloud and bundle them with Office365, Outlook365, Gmail and G Suite, Quickbooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP and ERP solutions, SAP, Oracle, RingCentral, Twilio, Shopify, and many more. Save money with bundled special pricing discounts we enjoy from our partnerships and volume discounts with these major software brands.

Intelligent Call Lists

Just Like Google ranks search engine results by what to click on first, Salesboom with intelligently rank your callers on who should be called next, queue them up in line with their contact information and give you click-to-dial so you can call them up quickly. Whether following up on prospects or opportunities, updating all people for a Project, Case or event, it makes followup quick and easy. Customized workflow rules trigger in real-time to alert you and place that lead/contact into an intelligent call list for immediate followup.

Real Time Alerts

Custom-build workflow rules to trigger real-time alerts, based on fields you added, all point-and-click. Then, any report has the ability to click-to dial, click-to-email with tracking of who opened it, and what emails bounced back, so you can take immediate action to call them, as you know they are reading your email or text.

Real Time alerts with workflow & Intelligent call lists that span all departments in the organization:

  • Lead signed up for trial
  • Request more information
  • New Large Opportunity
  • At risk Deal
  • Submit RFI
  • Submit RFP
  • Request Document or Sales Asset, Marketing Asset
  • Document Opened
  • Request a Quote
  • Viewed sent Quote
  • Buy Now Submitted
  • Cross-sell opportunities
  • Up-sell Opportunities
  • Viewed an invoice
  • Checked in on a Project
  • Order fulfilled
  • Low inventory
  • Unprofitable Sale

Mobile Lead Manager

From any Mobile device, login and mange your Leads, Prospects and Customers. All information about your business from your mobile device such as Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, all Android phones. Seamlessly switch between the Mobile CRM and the CRM on the Cloud and rest assured your data is synchronized back to the CRM. Vice-versa, when lead information is updated on the CRM, that data is pushed to your phone in real-time so the customer information in the CRM always matches the data on your phone. Instant access to contact & Social information, links to website and social media accounts. Click to email, any lead from your mobile phone. Click to call within the Mobile CRM initiates a call in real time. Click to text leads and interact using text messages (SMS) and send pictures as well. Integrate with your phone's contacts. Sync your contacts from your phone to the CRM

Mobile Calendar

Sync your calendar with various mobile calendars from Google Calendar to Office365 calendar to Exchange and to your handheld device via Salesboom Mobile Calendar. Mix and match each user to get what your organization needs.
Unified Communications - Email, Phone, Text, Social, Chat
View conversations from email, phone, text alongside your notes, opportunities, projects, tasks & Cases to get a 360-degree view of your customer thoughout the entire customer lifecycle.

Calendar invites using .ics files

Now you can download Calendar events as .ics files and email out the .ics file as an invite to join your meeting

Outlook365 plugin to CRM

Salesboom has deeply integrated CRM with Outlook365 to allow users to seamlessly work in their familiar email inbox and calendar, while the plugin manages the synchronization of emails and appointments from your inbox and Outlook Calendar to the CRM. With bi-directional synchronization capabilities, calendar events created within the CRM are also synchronized to Outlook365. This allows users who prefer to work in Outlook most of the time, to stay in outlook most of the time and ensure the CRM has real-time updated data. Conversely, those users that spend most of their day in the CRM can do so, and have the Email plugin copy their emails and events from the CRM to Outlook365 in real time. Outlook installed plugin available as well for Outlook installs.
Read More About CRM Integration with Outlook365 Integration

Microsoft Exchange Integration with CRM

Salesboom Cloud CRM integration with Microsoft Exchange allows for updating Salesboom CRM with emails from Exchange. View a Lead or Contacth in the CRM and have all sent and received emails attached, in real time. Real time alerts and workflow with reporting keeps you on top of your game.
Read More About CRM Integration with Microsoft Exchange

Google G Suite integration with CRM - Gmail, Google Calendar integrated with CRM

Sent and received emails are copied and saved on the CRM as attachments to Leads/Contacts.
Read More About CRM Integration with Google G Suite

Integrated Quickbooks Online with CRM (and Installed Quickbooks available as well)

Login from Salesboom to your Quickbooks Online account from within the Salesboom Control Panel. Salesboom synchronizes Account, Contact, Quote and Order information from Salesboom CRM to Quickbooks Online, as well as from Quickbooks online to CRM, with our Quickbooks Online integration.
Read More About CRM Integration with Quickbooks

Calendar & Email Client Integration with CRM

Salesboom supports the following popular Calendars and Email Clients:

  • Google Calendar
  • Apple iCloud
  • Microsoft Office365
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Yahoo Mail

Integration with RingCentral and Skype for Click-to-dial

Click-to-dial any phone number in your Salesboom CRM and have the call instantly ring out, without having to type in any phone numbers. This saves so much time, it adds hours to your day. Matched with our Intelligent call lists for truly effective calling that gets the job done with minimal effort. All calls are tracked, both outbound calls and inbound calls. You can also record calls, and find out who is calling whom with built-in reporting and dashboards.
Read More About Crm Integration with Skype

RingCentral can be used on Mobile devices, softphone on your computer, as well as with your telephone handset, at the same time as you click and dial out from the CRM.
Read More About Crm Integration with RingCentral

Integration with Skype for Click-to-dial and in-bound screen pop as well.

Click-to-Dial on any phone number in the CRM and start dialing out without having to re-type phone numbers over and over. Works with standard phones, headsets, and on any device. Requires third party telephony solution such as RingCentral, plus a plugin.

Integration with for Shoretel phone system for click-to-Dial and in-bound screen pop as well.

CRM Integrated with Zapier for integration with any brand you can think of

CRM Integrated with IFTT

CRM integrated with SMS Text Messaging


Send text messages one-off from within the CRM. Manage mass text campaigns for opt-in clients. Add a new level of communication with your customer by texting them. Texting is so common in every-day life, it is becoming more common in the business world as well as an efficient means of communicating in real-time. Collaborate with your customers like never before, but with built-in safeguards to protect you from mistakes like blowing up their phone at inappropriate hours.

Twilio Integration for Texting and automated calls

  • Text with Prospects, Customers, Partners, Employees
  • Perfect for Marketing, Sales, and Service processes
  • Activate 2-Factor authentication with texting and calling
  • Followup Automation
  • Real-time Text Alerts
  • Automated calls to customers

Following are some more popular CRM integrations:

  • Salesboom Social Signup

    Integration with LinkedIn & Facebook & Twitter for automated signup and Single-Sign-on.
    When someone submites a web form from your website, they can save time by logging in with their Facebook username and password and that is all they need to authenticate who they are and submit the form. This feature is the same for Twitter and Linkedin. The CRM tracks who signs up and when to build a history of surfing behavior with real time alerts.
    Salesboom Social Single-sign-on
    When logging into the CRM, users may sign-on using their Social accounts and Salesboom will recognize them by their authentication with Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter through beign logged-into the Social accounts.
  • LinkediIn Connections that have recently changed jobs or started new business T

    Track in CRM with real-time alerts, reporting & Dashboards
    Read More About LinkedIn Integration
  • Linkedin Connections import into CRM tool

    Have all your Linkedin Connections imported into Salesboom CRM and attached to the Linkedin Lead Source field and attached to a Linkedin Campaign if required. (Professional or Enterprise)
  • New connections report
    How it works:

  • Single-sign-on to CRM using Google, Microsoft, Facebook SSO
  • Google Maps Integration
  • Google Chrome Extension
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Facebook Promoted Post integration
  • Linkedin Ads Integration
  • Shopify Integration
  • Freshbooks Integration
  • Xero Integration
  • Stripe Integration

List Management & Views & Reports Interaction

Create report from advanced search & save it
Create list from advanced search & save it
Create list from any report
Sales funnel report
Create multiple lists from any report
Create multiple views from any report
Create multiple reports from any view
Create a report from a Campaign

Asset Management:
Sales Assets

Manage Sales Assets within Salesboom Documents
Sales Assets Document folder
Marketing Assets Document folder
Product Assets Document folder
Folder for Product Assets as well as all documents attached to the Product are available to select as Product Assets to send out to Contacts and Leads via email or text, or published to your website page.
Store in your digital online folder Product spec sheet, Product Price Sheet, Data Sheet, Case Study,
Document Revision Management
Support Assets Document folder
Commerce Document folder

Document revision Management
Website Tracking

Track people as they navigate pages on your website. Track people as they view your content and ads on popular networks such as Facebook, Linkedin & Google.
Track conversions and ROI on your marketing campaings from online and offline channels.
Track conversions offline via email, phone, field sales, and more
Email Tracking integrated with Email Campaigns
Email Tracking – track opens, bounce-backs, invalid emails, and track click-through on links and buttons within the email. Submit a form from within the email to automatically track interest.

Audit Trail feature

Salesboom tracks every click made by every user in the CRM system. View any record in the CRM and see who changed what field, what they changed it from and what it was changed to, along with a timestamp of when the field was changed.

  • Perfect for tracking employee usage of the CRM, as well as for compliance management and complieance with ISO protocals.
  • Great for when someone fat-fingers the information and saves it, as you always have access to the old data.
  • Perfect for tracking the progression of leads through the Marketing processes, through the Sales pipeline and onto closed Sales and Orders.

Lead Search Console

Search Google, LinkedIn, Facebook, other sites to research contacts and leads and save their profile to Salesboom. When on any page, click save and save a link to that page against a record in salesboom sucha as a lead, Contact, Account, Opportunity, Project, Case, etc.

Add Leads by XML feed

Add your own link to an API that, when called will return an XML feed of Leads/Contacts to create for quicker upload of leads

Territory Management Workflow rules for Leads, Customers, Partners, Cases, Projects

Customer Management Workflow rules for Customer Management & Sales Force Automation (SFA)
Lead Management Workflow rules for Lead Management

Marketing Campaign Workflow rules for Marketing Automation

Create unlimited campaigns, both offline and online, track success and ROI, handoff to sales and measure conversion through the Web Lead to Closed Sales process and beyond, in one solution, with reports across multiple departmens, so you can optimise Closed-Loop Marketing processes and continually improve campaigns that are working, and direct more budget towards successful campaigns while avoiding re-investing in those that don't.

Marketing ROI

Plan out your Maketing Campaigns in Salesboom CRM and build out a marketing plan that is timely & relevant, yet flexible. Give your team (and yourself) the time to let things marinate and sleep on it a few more nights with intelligent Campaign Management.

  • Web Forms
  • Lead Management
  • Real-Time Alerts
  • Marketing Workflow Rules
  • Email Marketing
  • Drip Marketing
  • Outlook365 Email & Calendar Plugin
  • Gmail & Google Calendar Plugin
  • Territory Management
  • Lead Segmentation
  • Lead Qualification
  • Lead Nurturing
  • Handoff to Sales
  • Sharing in success
  • Closed-Loop Marketing
  • Track Conversion & Signups & ROI
  • Become a self-service marketing machine
  • Account Based Marketing
  • Mobile Lead Manager
  • Marketing Cloud API

Marketing Conversion Tracking

Track visitors to your web pages, Social pages, via Email Campaigns, Content such as pages, documents, videos, etc, and get real time alerts, with reports and dashboards showing which the following alerts:

  • Email opened alert
  • Email bounced-back alert
  • Email opt-out alert
  • Links Clicked within the Email alert
  • Email opened then they visited a page on your web stie alert
  • Web page visited alert
  • Web page surfing alert & Surfing history

Track conversion rates of Web Form Submissions.

When someone fills out a form to request more information about a product or to request a Quote, sumbit a question, or a call back request, Salesboom signup forms can track on the returned page who submitted the form and tie that back to which Marketing Campaign triggered the form submission. Campaigns can be online and offline campaigns, such as Emails, Calls, etc. After form is submitted, users are redirected to a success page on your website where a tracking code is embedded that calls Salesboom servers and updates the form submission as a successful conversion from that campaign, automatically.

How it works:

There is a tiny, 1x1 pixel transparent .jpf image file that you embed in your web pages and emails to that is invisible to the person opening the email, or visiting their website. Salesboom will match their ip address and profile information in Salesboom CRM with their email and surfing habits to create a history and real time alert system so you can contact the right people at the right time – when they are engaged with your content.

Text messaging and Text Campaigns
Google Chrome Extension

Salesboom CRM Chrome Extension for Google Chrome takes a snapshot of the web page you are curerently viewing in the browser and can attach to and existing record in Salesboom, or parse the page for Contact information to build a contact and account record in Salesboom.

Partner Relationship Management Workflow rules for Partner Management

Case Management Workflow rules for Customer Services & Support Management

Partnership with Bluepay
Partnership with Integrity Pays
The Data Exchange

Add Big data to our integrated system. Trade leads with others in exchange for cleansing of your leads. Buy leads from Salesboom and our customers. Sell leads to Salesboom customers.

Now accepting BitCoin , Bitcash, and Ethereum as payment for CRM

Salesboom is now accepting Bitcoin and other CryptoCurrencies or alt-coins such as BitCash and Euthereum. These are the hottest currencies today. Payments can be made to US accounts or Offshore accounts.

New! Mix and Match Users

Now you can save money on your CRM spend by allowing certain users the Enterprise CRM while other users the Professional Edition users, all on one billable account from Salesboom. Save costs on CRM by not having to upgrade all your users to the next CRM edition, when you don't need that functionality for all users. Now users pay for what they need.

Zip Code Proximity Search with email, Text (SMS and MMS)

Enter a zip code of a Property. Then enter a radius length, in miles, and Salesboom will bring back a list of Leads/Contacts that have an address that is within a certain mile-radius that was entered. Then you can send an email or text message or call up all the people within a say a 50 mile distance from the zip code 90210, for example.

For Developers:
Open API for creating custom Apps & Integrations

Salesboom Application Programming Interface (API) is an open API. Our customers and parters can use the simple, yet powerful API toolsets to build elegant yet complex integrations and custom applications, and it is all standards-based so you invest time coding in re-usable languages.

No Vendor Lock-in

At Salesboom, all our software is standards-based so your team can invest their time in learning technologies that have wide-ranging uses outside of the Salesboom platform and as well are widely adopted and supported. This way your development dollars are spent on developing re-usable code.

Our platform runs on HTML 5, Linux, XML, Javascript, CSS and other widely accepted an well documented standards. We do not force customers to learn a new language to develop amazing applications on Salesboom.

Experienced In-house Professional Services as your dedicated CRM Integration Team

Experience integrating with many leading APIs, for 16 years from our in-house Professional Services department gives and unprecedented knowledgebase of what works and doesn't work with today's forward-thinking businesses who are growing successfully. Lead by Troy Muise, CEO & CoFounder, & Computer Science grad.

Multi-tenant Cloud CRM

Many Cloud CRM systems are not Multi-tennant. Salesboom is and can deliver the multi-tennant Salesboom solution over our Cloud, or hosted on your cloud of choice, or even behind your firewall.

Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

Salesboom Cloud CRM is Point-and-click customizable at all layers. This allows for point-and-click customization of the CRM as well as building your own apps in the Cloud.

There are 5 main layers of the CRM application that you can point-and-click customize, as a business user, to control how your CRM performs:

  1. Database Layer – Customize standard fields and add new custom fields
  2. User Interface Layer – Customize how each page looks with drag-and-drop customization of field layouts and create custom sections of fields on the page, hide un-necessary fields to reduce clutter, so that everything has a purpose and a place.
  3. Reporting, Dashboards & Analytics. Build complex reports and easy-to-follow dashboards, point-and-click, that display real-time information about your business.
  4. Workflow Rules and Triggers keep you alerted to key times in the lifecycle of the customer. Workflow rules can be triggered to update other objects in the CRM and Time Based Workflow wakes up at certain defined intervals to evaluate the workflow rule and trigger if required.
  5. User Controls and Data Sharing Rules are set up in the CRM to make sure people have access only to the data they are allowed and are only allowed to perform the tasks in the CRM that they have access to. Easily control access and abilities and have the control to change them as your needs change.

Configuring your CRM and so it is easy to use and not confusing, resulting in the most user adoption. We can help with our newly revamped Fast Track setup and training program where our professional services department can help configure your CRM, rollout and train your end users, and have been doing so for 16 years.

Sandbox Cloud CRM Server

Separate Sandbox server for Cloud CRM deployment management & Testing. Admins use the Sandbox server to implement proposed changes to the CRM and test it on the Sandbox server prior to deploying on the main CRM instance and training end users on the changes.

World's first Cloud CRM Appliance Server

Now available with Professional and Enterprise Edition users. Get the power of the Cloud, behind your firewall. Salesboom Cloud CRM Appliance server ships to your door, a hardware server pre-installed with Salesboom Professional Edition or Enterprise Edition CRM licenses. You simply plug into the wall and into the internet and turn on the appliance server. Salesboom manages the system remotely like we would behind our firewall. On-site setup and training included to get you up and running in no time.
Now with Data Mining and CryptoCurrency Mining from your CRM applicance Server, from SalesboomLabs!

World's first Fully "Skin-able" Cloud CRM Platform

By simply changing the CSS and XSLT files that render XML data from the Salesboom API, developers are able to create multiple skins to view CRM data as they wish.

World's first Service Level Agreement, since 2004

Salesboom was the first in Cloud CRM to offer a Service Level Agreement (SLA) protecting customer data rights with our "Your Data is your Data" policy built into every Salesboom agreement as a standard. We are only stewards of your data and wish to earn your business through innovation, not through holding your data hostage or reselling it to others. Also includes uptime guarantees.

Commerce – the 4th leg of CRM. Quotes, Billing & Invoicing, Inventory, eCommerce, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Warehousing. Quote-to-cash process management pre-integrated with Salesboom CRM offerings, out of the Box.

Upgrades to Quote-to-Cash Offerings:

Quotes integrated with Cloud CRM

Customized Quote pricing with management at the Product level of Markups as well as Shipping and other costs. When creating a Quote, default values are loaded but can be over-ridden at any time tof create the proper customized pricing, including Taxes and Discount. Only certain users have the ability to over-ride pricing when creating Quotes so that user must have the proper permissions in their User Profile setting, otherwise pricing is fixed and not able to be over-ridden.

Customized Pricing for Opportunities, Quoting & Invoicing

New is the ability to customize your quoting when creating Opportunities, Quotes, and Invoices by bein able to apply multiples to product pricing and adding in shipping and other costs to the price, in the case where a simple price and quantity are not enough. Base multiples are saved at the Product level that are then multiplied by the product list price and added in are the Shipping costs, if any and users are then prompted to add in any additional costs if necessary, and Salesboom calculates the customized pricing for the Opportunity/Quote/Invoice. Users can over-ride these multiples and costs, given the right user permissions to do so. Add multiples to products as well as shipping costs from the Products Tab and have them reflect in real time organization-wide.
Add images in Quotes and Generate Quote based of your Quote template. Salesboom can embed pictures of your Quote items and generate a quote based on your exact look and feel that you are currently using, by embedding fields into the Quote template that will be later merged with fields like First Name, Last Name, Quote amount, etc, along with pictures to include in the Quote, and generate the Quote with real-time data from the CRM.
Send same Quote to many Accounts and Contacts at once. No more need to re-create the same quote over and over again. Now in Salesboom you create the Quote once, and it can be sent to many contacts at the same time, replacing the information in each quote with the correct information for that Account/Contact and saving the Quote against each Account/Contact to automate the process of creating many quotes.

Sales Commissions Management

Track closed opportunities in the Forecasts and Sales pipeline, with approval management and tiered commissions with Commissions tab and Commissions program tab (Enterprise Edition)

Recurring Billing

Create a contract, pick the billing terms, get approval and Salesboom automatically generates the quotes based on the required billing cycle. If you choose monthly, for a 2 year deal, Salesboom automatically generates out 24 monthly invoices. You can make payment on any invoice and print off the receipt as a pdf file. (Enterprise Edition)

Contract Management

Log Sales Contracts to track start and end dates of Contracts, Approvals and auto-generate Invoices based on Contract terms. Generate Proposals and Contracts with field merge into your own Microsoft Word Proposal Templates. Include regular fields and image fields in Proposals and Contracts. eSignature of Contracts and attach all documents in online folders as well as attached to Account and Contact and Opportunity records in the CRM. Automated Contract renewal reminders alert you prior to contract renewal. Add payments and generate receipts. Integrates with your accounting system such as Quickbooks Online. (Professional Edition)


Generate multiple Invoices from Opportunities and have the information carry forward so you don't have to enter information redundantly. Generate .pdf Invoices including taxes, discounts. Customized pricing based on Markup, Multipliers plus shipping and other costs. Generate Invoices with pictures from your own Microsoft Word Invoice templates. Add payments and generate receipts. Integrates with your accounting system such as Quickbooks Online. (Professional & Enterprise Edition)

Sales Orders,

Purchase Orders,

Inventory Management with Warehousing

Parent-Child Account Mapping

Track the relationships between Accounts in relation to who owns which Accounts. Each Account record has it's own Account ID and has it's own set of Contacts and Opportunities associated with each specific Account record, but additionally, you can track the Parent account and all subsidiary or Child Accounts as a separate relationship. (Professional & Enterprise Edition)

Customized Color coding of records

Control the colors of Leads and Account records in the CRM by having them change color when reaching a certain stage or status. Changing the Lead Status field updates the color of the lead based on status. Account color status changes based on various customizable rules. (Professional & Enterprise Edition)

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Support can now be hosed on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Choose between hosting on the Cloud or on AWS Cloud. Minimum users required, and this offer is not available to every company. Please submit a Contact Us form on our home page to have a conversation about this offering.
Magic Migration Button for now available for Professional Edition as well as Enterprise Edition Accounts. Our award-winning simple solution for migrating from to is now available on Professional Edition accounts. Our magic migration button takes all the hassle out of migrating from by automating the export of data from Salesforce, and importing the data into Salesboom. Workflow rules and alerts can also be migrated, along with

Microsoft Azure Support

Intelligent Drip Marketing Campaigns

Upgraded workflow rules and triggers that allow for better control of Drip email campaigns with ability to stop automated campaigns and have a task created that once completed will start up the drip campaign. Time-based workflow to trigger a drip email sending upon a certain number of days prior to a certain date, such as a free trial end date. (Professional & Enterprise Edition)

Read More About Drip Marketing Campaigns

Upgrades to Custom Reporting
Button for one-click export to Excel Online Spreadsheet
Button for one-click download .csv file
Button for One-click open as a Google Sheets Spreadsheet
Mass Email from any Custom Report

Any custom reports built in Salesboom have the ability to send mass emails directly from that same report so you can get drip emails send out, easily to the same people you are running the report on in the first place.

Simple, one-click Export to Spreadsheet from any Custom Report

Create any custom report in Salesboom and with one click, export the data from the report into a spreadsheet automatically.
How to transfer multiple opportunities at once from Salesboom Custom Report
Login to your account and click Reports tab, build a report for all opportunities and save it, then run the report and you will see in the top left hand corner a box where you can pick a certain user and then below it a button that says go.
If you select one or more opportunities from any report you build in salesboom, then pick the user you would like to assign it to, then click the go button, then the opportunities selected with be re-assigned to the user you chose.

New Sales Rep Activities Management Report

Keep a constant, watchful eye on Sales reps, in real time, without the wasted time of preparing reports. In one clic, see in on report all activities by all your Sales people. Includes Tasks, Notes, Calendar Events, Logged Calls, Texts, Sent & Received Emails, Chat Messages
CRM Training Bundles: New innovative Training packages that are easy on the budget.

5 Hour Training Bundle: $500.00 ($100.00/hour)
10 Hour Training Bundle: $800.00 ($80/hour)
25 Hour Training Bundle: $1,875.00 (75/hour)
25+ Hour Training Bundle: $60/hour

New! Have access to the CEO & Co-Founder of for $200.00/hour.
Get consultation, advisory services and mentoring from a business leader that will help you succeed. Book your time with our CEO & CoFounder Troy Muise. Send us your requests for your meeting, all data and documents you wish to be reviewed, a list of questions and Troy will focus specifically on your business needs and advise on a plan of action to proceed to achieving your goals in record time and on-budget. Advisory services from Troy are based on over 10,000 one-on-one demonstrations and implementations of Salesboom Cloud CRM with business leaders across the globe. Troy has personally developed the first versions of Salesboom and leads the Innovation Team at Clopud CRM. For 16 years Troy has been accumulating the largest Knowledge Base of what works and what doesn't work in successful CRM implementations. Sign up today for this amazing opportunity to get insights from a global business leader in Cloud CRM.
on a plan of action to proceed to achieving your goals in record time and on-budget. Advisory services from Troy are based on over 10,000 one-on-one demonstrations and implementations of Salesboom Cloud CRM with business leaders across the globe. Troy has personally developed the first versions of Salesboom and leads the Innovation Team at Clopud CRM. For 16 years Troy has been accumulating the largest Knowledge Base of what works and what doesn't work in successful CRM implementations. Sign up today for this amazing opportunity to get insights from a global business leader in Cloud CRM.

Customizable Workflow with Real-Time Alerts
Build real-time alerts for any objects in Salesboom CRM including Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Orders, Projects and more. Real-time alerts can be sent via Email, Text, screen-pop within the CRM, Slack Message, Twilio API call and more.
Following are some examples of Real-time Alerts available through Salesboom CRM:

  • Unhappy customer alerts
  • Big Deal alerts
  • At Risk Deal Alerts
  • New Deal Alerts
  • New Lead Alerts
  • New Question Alerts
  • Escalated Case Alerts
  • New Project Alerts
  • Closed Project Alerts
  • New Case Alerts
  • Closed Case Alerts
  • New signup to a Campaign
  • Linkedin Signup alert
  • Facebook signup alert
  • Twitter signup alert
  • Request a Quote Alert
  • Contact Us alert
  • Trouble Ticket alerts with escalations
  • Customer Login alert
  • Data Import Alert
  • Data Export Alert
  • User login alerts
  • Lead Status alerts
  • Converted Lead Alerts
  • Opportunity advancing through Sales pipeline
  • Closed Won Opportunity Alert
  • Closed Lost Opportunity Alert
  • Overdue Task alerts
  • New Quote Alerts
  • Quote Expiry Alerts
  • New Invoice Alerts
  • Paid Invoice Alerts
  • Overdue Invoice Alerts
  • Contract Renewal Alerts
  • Low inventory Alerts
  • New Purchase Order alert
  • New Sales order Alert
  • Real Time alerts of updates and News about your Leads, Contacts & Accounts
  • Real Time alerts of job changes within your database of contacts, Leads & Accounts.

Document Generation and Document Workflow
Send this Document link on Documents

  • View any Document in Salesboom and click the Send Email button to send this document to a list of contacts/leads.
  • View any Opportunity and email documents about the products that are attached to the Opportunity
  • View any Product and email documents related to that product
  • View any Contact and email documents about products, or choose from folders for Marketing Assets, Sales Assets, Support Assets
  • Generate a dedicated, unique html link from to any document Stored in your Salesboom folders. Use that link in your email campaigns, Social media posts, Website landing pages and more. Salesboom hosts the document and you can upload new documents, with version control, and the ability to update in real-time which document gets published via your dedicated and unique html link.
  • Proposal Document Manager with Document Workflow and eSignature
  • Quote Document Manager with Document Workflow and eSignature
  • Invoice Document Manager with Document Workflow and eSignature
  • Sales Order Document Manager with Document Workflow and eSignature
  • Work Order Document Manager with Document Workflow and eSignature

CRM Workflow – trigger that updates other objects to then trigger other workflows in a chain.
Time Based Workflow – Cron Job that wakes up to check on a timed interval when to trigger the workflow rule.
Automate Lead Followup Rules

Automated Opportunity Followup rules

Based on the combination of Lead Type and Lead Status fields, each user gets their own user experience. workflow rules and user interface

Territory Management workflow rules

Assigns leads to the right people at the right time, with intelligence and alerts the person assigned the lead as well as other users that a new lead has been added. The email alert can be customized to add in merge fields (standard fields or custom fields) and include the fields within the body and title of the email alert, such that the email alert includes all the information about that new lead. This allows the user to act right then, click to dial them, reply all to the email, bring in help to followup, and make sure you are quick to respond, and informed when you make the call. Workflow rules determine to whom leads are assigned, based on custom workflow rules, or by Quadrants (NW, SW, NE, SE) or Zip Codes, by state in USA and Province in Canada, by County Name, By City Name. Be able to add backup users in the case of PTO request or sick leave or out of the office, or on lunch break or after hours, who to assign the leads to and who to alert. Assign territories to users in their User Profile so that you can create a standard user profile and re-use it for Territory Management as well as create your own Custom Territories and assign them as you like.

Update Address on all Contacts associated with the Account record

A huge time-saver, now there is no need to manually update Contact addresses when a business moves. Simply view any Account Record, then check off the Contacts whose address you would like to update with the current Account address, then click the update address button to automatically update all selected contacts with the correct address.

Multi-Department Management

Now manage multiple departments as separate Salesboom instances to keep everything totally separate, but yet with a Master account that can switch between departments with a click of a button, to manage aggregate reporting, administration, customization, testing and training across departments. Since each department is on it's own Salesboom instance, each department instance has a CRM customized to their exacting needs, without sacrificing or compromizing with other departments; ie their own fields and field layouts, user interface customizations, workflow, dashboards and reporting.

Field level security

Now manage different users with different fields within different views that are totall intedendant of one another. Separate out user type with different fields and field layouts based on which user is logging in at one time, and have the ability for administrators to toggle between different accounts to make changes on each
2-factor authentication for Login to CRM, allows for sending a text message or a phone call to authenticate a login attempt, along with the username and password being correct. Lock down login by time of day, ip, territory, and other customized rules (Enterprise Edition)
3-factor authentication for login to CRM, allows for combination of all 3 of correct username and password submitted, plus email or text confirmation plus telephone confirmation before login granted (Enterprise Edition)


Leads populated directly into the CRM based on your needs. Never run out of leads to call. Populate Accounts and Contacts for Account-Based Marketing and Account-Based Sales efforts. Mortgage Leads, High Value Prospects, Property data included.
Buy Contact, Account, Property and Mortgage data a-la-carte.

Data Cleansing

Keeping your data clean in the CRM is part software, part science and implementing good data practices is something that drives the reports, dashboards & Analytics, KPIs and ROI reporting, etc that you need to see what is happening in your business.
Salesboom Data Cleansing Dashboards and Fast Track program are here to help. Customizable reports allow you to segment your data quickly and show what data is needing to be cleaned, etc. The FastTrack program is a professional services package that includes data cleansing and data migration, CRM customizaion & Integration, rollout and training by our in-house Professional Services Department. WE have been managing data cleansing and data migration into CRM Since 2003, now 16 years of Data Migration experience that is available to you today.

Data duplicate detection and Duplicate Merge

As a feature of the CRM tool, search for duplicates based on email, phone, name, company name, etc and select multiple records to merge together, select which fields you would like to keep from each record, and Salesboom will merge them together as one record in the CRM and with the data from the fields you wanted.

Data duplication warning when converting Leads

When converting a Lead into an Account/Contact and Opportunity record in the CRM tool, Salesboom will warn you if there is an existing duplicate Account name in the system and select that account as the default account you would like to use. This gives you all the choices, so you can choose to create a new account instead, or choose a different account from the database, or just go ahead and convert it and assign the new Contact and Opportunity to the existing Account.

Salesboom uses big data, AI and human personnel to design, implement and manage successful data cleansing campaigns. Ensure data is up to date and current in your reports and Dashboards, and ensure those KPIs driving the organization are based on the most real-time information possible, and with real-life context that allows for better decision making at all levels of the business, from Marketing, to Sales, Support & Commerce.

Private Contacts & Accounts

Private Accounts and Contacts are not included in Company reports or Views, and are only shown to the user who owns that Account or Contact, and only when selecting the Private Accounts view or the Private Contacts view. Private Contacts are only seen by the owner, and not management or any other CRM user in the system so that they remain private to you. Perfect for saving personal contacts that you need to call, email, or text in your daily private life. We give employees the tools to manage your life as well as your business in one application.

Multiple Salesboom Instance Management under one Master Instance

From one Master Salesboom Instance you can click and automatically switch to another Salesboom instance that is managed under that master instance, with one click. Perfect for when administering multiple Salesboom Customer accounts, or multiple divisions within an organization, it saves so much time by automatically switching from instance to instance in one click, and not have to manage passwords and conststantly logging into and out of the CRM.

Administrators can now login to other Salesboom user instances with the click of a button. This saves repeated login and logout of the CRM and allows for more efficient testing of configurations and for customization, setup and training of new and existing Salesboom users.

Account-Based Sales (ABS)

See ideal customers based on what is working in your business.

Salesboom Account-Based Sales Management solution and methodologies have been developed over 16 years of practical experience in setting up and running sales campaigns through our Fast Track setup & implementation package offered by our Professional Services department, since 2003.

Track Accounts and all contacts, notes, interactions, calendar events, follow-ups, email campaigns, Sales Opportunities and Real Time alerts, Pipeline, Reports, Dashboards, KPIs that roll up to management, and more, so you get a true 360-degree view of your Sales, in real time. Import your target customers with a click of a button. Use existing plugins for data import, or have our Professional Services department build a custom integration through our Build-to-Suit Model.

Links to social media and our new Data-as-a-Service offerings will keep your data fresh and productive, while notifying you of key events to spark a follow-up and win more deals, close larger deals and reduce friction in the sales process.

Bring your Account-Based Sales processes to the digital age and transform your sales into a digital self-service model of delivery via integration with your website and mobile. Allow customers to interact with your company in real time and reduce friction in Sales and Sales support. Overall better success and better client experience in the sales process can be achieved.

Account-Based Marketing (ABM)

Create target lists of contact within your target Accounts and manage them through to handoff to Sales. Drip Marketing, Email Marketing campaigns, Lead Management and Account/Contact management. Control the workflow easily and make campaigns effective.

Properties with Contacts

A CRM designed from the Property outward to answer the question, What if we took the properties and made them the star? The result? A simple to use system bundling CRM and Big data, linking properties to their contacts and vice versa. View a contact, see all the properties they own. Conversely, view a property and see who owns it and who last sold it. Populated with the data from all commercial properties in the USA, we deliver Buyer/Seller contacts, Mortgage information, Leasing contacts, etc.

Mortgage Data-as-a-Service (MDaaS)

Mortgage information on all Commercial Properties in the USA, bundled in an easy-to use CRM and sold as a convenient service.

Property Data-as-a-Service (PDaaS)

Property information and contact information of all Commercial properties in the USA, bundled with an easy-ty-use CRM system linking properties to contacts.

Google Maps API Integration and the Map It! Button in Salesboom Cloud CRM

  • Map your meetings or site visits using Google Maps
  • Shortest Route Calculator Map It!
  • Zip Code Proximity Search Map It!
  • Map it! Button in every custom report
  • Map It! On Accounts to map out Parent Child relationships, Opportunity Locations , map contact locations for this Account
  • Map It! On Cases
  • Map It! On Projects
  • Map It! For Property locations!
  • Map It! For Mortgages!
  • Map it! For Field Sales & Service calls

Time Sheets with Billable Hours Tracking

Now track time sheets against specific tasks in a Project and have that linked with the Billing & Invoicing system for Time Billing. Adding time to past projects and tasks allow for catching up on entering time sheets. Tracking Time in Salesboom allows for tracking time against Accounts, Contacts, Projects, Opportunities, Invoices & Contracts, giving a full 360-Degree view of your Time Billing alongside notes, tasks, events, sent & received emails & texts to keep everything in one spot for getting the job done.

Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Warehousing & Inventory Management

This offering is and add-on to the Enterprise Edition account. For a free trial, please sign up for Enterprise Edition from our website, and it will be added to your Enterprise Edition free trial account automatically.
Track Sales Orders and have them linked to Invoices and Inventory
When Opportunities are Closed Won in the CRM, a Purchase Order may be generated to order products and parts from third parties, based on the products and their respective provider. You may change the provider of the product to determine where the Products will be sourced.

New Vertical CRM solutions for:

  • Mortgage Sales
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Manufacturing
  • Insurance
  • Banking
  • Staffing
  • Legal
  • Energy
  • Pharma
  • Nonprofit
  • Professional Services
  • Automotive
  • Staffing
  • Medical Device Sales
  • Luxury Goods Sellers
  • Commercial Building Maintenance
  • Window Cleaning Companies
  • Facilities Management

New offerings from Salesboom Professional Services:
Fast Track Program for Implemenation, Data Migration & Training

One-time fixed fee get up and running with Salesboom Profesisonal Services team, for 16 years we have been setting up and training our own customers. We have the largest Knowlegebase of any Cloud CRM vendor because we do it in-house vs through time-consuming and costly third party companies.

Built-to-Suit Model

Salesboom will build a customized quote of the cost of time and materials to implement your dream system. We are the "King of the Custom Jobs" For 16 years and custom job for a new feature or integration, we build it, you test it and give change requests.

Private Label (White Label) and Co-Branded solutions

We power many leading businesses that you would not know of because they are using their brand on our platform to deliver the next level of customer experience, in record time and on small budgets.

New Startups Division

We love to give a ton of support to startups, entrepreneurs, new gigs with discounts on CRM, training, mentorship programs with our CEO & CoFounder ,Troy Muise. Afterall, small companies use our system to grow into big companies. We are in this together.

Introducing Salesboom Labs
An incubator and R&D facility, for third-party White Label partners and Customers, with focus on how the following Areas of Research will transform business in the future:

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • IOT
  • Blockchain Technologies
  • Big Data
  • Data Science
  • Bitcoin & CryptoCurrencies

Canadian Company R&D tax credits are refunded to the companies, whether or not there are any profits yet. This is significantly different than in the USA where you may only use the R&D tax credits against profits. Most R&D takes many years to become profitable and locks up those tax savings for years for USA companies, whereas Canadian companies get a refund back from the government anywhere from 30-60% of the time those employees spend on doing hard-core Scientific Research and Economic Development (SRED).

What differentiates Cloud CRM from it's competitors?

  • We have the largest pre-integrated 'All-in-one' CRM solutions
  • We have a fair price policy and deliver more value than the rest.
  • We are pioneers in Cloud CRM, the first to offer a Service Level agreement including a 'Your Data is Your Data' Policy and an up-time guarantee.
  • First to offer Quote-to-Cash as part of Cloud CRM, among many other firsts.
  • We build and maintain our own software and build our own integrations and partner with those we integrate with, rather than growing by acquisition. This means so our products are pre-integrated, out of the box, and reduces the middle-man, leaving only one vendor to deal with –
  • Our CEO named top 25 most influential CRM CEOs, despite Salesboom not ever taking a dime in investment.
  • Since 2003 we have set up and trained our own customers, so we have the largest knowledgebase of what works and what doesn't.
  • We value our autonomy and enjoy working on great projects that deliver first-of-it's-kind innovation.
  • We white label our solutions and power many innovative businesses where we hide our brand and you wouldn't know it is Salesboom powering it.
  • We setup and train our own customers with our Fast Track program
  • We drink the cool-aid.
  • Constantly Innovating to drive value for our customers. Our software is updated quarterly, it's part of our DNA
  • We are the king of the custom job and our in-house professional services team quote up custom software features and integrations on a regular basis. We call it our 'Built-to-Suit' model, known for delivering software fast and low-cost.
  • Although we are not Open Source, we do have and open API and believe in standards-based integration and do not believe in Vendor lock-in.
  • Our CEO & CoFounder, Troy Muise, does online and face-to-face demos of Salesboom with business leaders across the globe, on a daily basis, since 2003. Troy alone has performed over 10,000 demos personally. Troy actively guides the engineering team at Salesboom, and is a graduate engineering and Computer Science.
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