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CRM Integrated with Skype VOIP Phone, Chat & Skype for Business

Salesboom has build click-to-dial features as native, and bulit-in to our Cloud CRM platform. Click the phone number and the number starts dialing in Skype.

You will never have to type a phone number again. Save time by having your contacts in the Cloud CRM already to be dialed up, at the click of a button. Call the phone numbers of Contacts, Leads on-off, or from any custom report. Dial all people in a campaign, report, list and improve Sales efficiencies immediately.

Synchronized Contacts from Salesboom Contact Manager and Sales Software with Skype so when customer's dial in, you know where they are calling from.

In-bound screen popup of the Contact Profile from the CRM can be displayed when they call in, so when they call you the Contact information is immediately displayed. This saves countless hours of Sales rep's time each week, having to search for the contact in the CRM while the customer waits impatiently on the phone.

You have all their contact information, notes, sent/received emails, phone calls, Tasks, Opportunities, everything in one spot the instant they call you, or you call them.

Initiate Skype calls from your website and have skype chat on your website as well, so customers can chat with you over skype from your Website and the Cloud CRM.

Automate your Sales processes, Marketing Processes, Support & Billing processes in one system that includes Unified Communications via phone (Skype) as well as Chat, Text (SMS) Messaging as part of the Salesboom Cloud CRM suite of solutions.

Grow Revenues by allowing Sales people to have more conversations in the same number of hours. Have them fresh on each call by eliminating the dialing and error-proned time-wasting process of manual dialing.

Reduce friction in the buying process by allowing customers to interact with you in real time, from your website via Skype with all interactions saved in the CRM for reporting, analytics and growing the business.

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