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Microsoft Exchange

CRM integrated with Microsoft Exchange Email

Salesboom Cloud Web-based CRM is easily integrated with you Microsoft Exchange Email servers to synchronize sent and received emails from your email system into the CRM and then attached to the Contact or Account records in Salesboom.

You can see sent and received emails while viewing the Contact in the CRM system so all notes, tasks, events, logged calls are all there along with sent and received emails, texts and chat, giving you a true 360-degree view of Customers.

Perfect for use as template for Mail-merge with Quotes, Invoices, Sales Ordes, Purchase Orders, etc.

Emails sent from the CRM are also saved as sent emails so all email conversations are saved, both those sent from Salesboom via mass emails, one-of emails, Drip Marketing campaign emails, etc.

Microsoft Exchange handles your emails and nothing has to change in the way you manage your emails and users are not disrupted from their normal emaililng system. Salesboom works seamlessly, in the background, to synch all your emails into the CRM.

Employees can stay in their usual Email Client and the integration will run in the background.

No software is required to be installed, the Salesboom Cloud CRM integration with Microsoft Exchange Email server is native and part of our system, so no middleware, or third party software is required. Salesboom Professional Services team does all the heavy lifting to ensure your Exchange to CRM integration is up and running quickly. Salesboom manages the integration between the CRM and Exchange and maintenance is included. Sign up for a free trial today and speak with a Salesboom Sales representative today.

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