CRM for Gmail & Workspace

Cloud CRM integrated with Google Workspace (Formerly G Suite). Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs

Get more done with Gmail plus real-time Contact info. Email sync with CRM.

Cloud CRM integrated with Gmail and Google Workspace (formerly G Suite). Plugins for Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Docs & Google Drive

Grow Sales by staying in Gmail for emailing and have emails synchronize with Salesboom CRM. The plugin will bring back Contacts from the CRM with the same email address so you can see customer information from the CRM in Gmail. If contact is not present in the CRM, add it to the CRM from within Gmail and have emails attached to the Contact within the CRM.

Salesboom has built plugins with Twilio APIs to send text messages, make phone calls, send emails and more. It's available without programming, and is pre-integrated with the Contact Manager and Sales Pipeline tools, Marketing and Support, Quoting, and Billing as part of Salesboom's offering. These features and more can be made available in your Google Workspace environment and interact with the CRM.

Improve Sales efficiencies by emailing Marketing and Sales Docs diretly from the Cloud CRM or from Gmail, as attachments.

Generate spreadsheets and documents with real-time data and bring Cloud Document Management tightly integrated with Cloud CRM, with Google Sheets, Google Docs and Google Slides saved as Marketing Collateral & Sales Collateral for easy access and emailing to customers.

Cloud CRM integrated with Google Gmail for sending & receiving emails, sychronizing of sent & received emails from the CRM or form Gmail, attached to the Contact & Lead records in Salesboom. Stay in your familiar Gmail user interface with all sent & received emails synched up with the Cloud CRM in real time.

Built-in and customizable Workflow rules to alert you in real time, capture conversations, and save conversations attached to Opportunities & Projects right within the CRM system.

Cloud CRM integrated with Google Calendar, with Shared Calendars, public & Private Calendars means team Collaboration and appointment setting with leads & customers is a breeze. Stay in your Google calendar user interface. Calendars in the Cloud CRM system synchronized with Google Calendar in real time.

Cloud CRM integrated with Google Docs. One-click export of data from any report into Google Sheets means you can always use real-time information from the CRM in your spreadsheet documents. Proposals, Quotes, Invoices, Project documents, Sales orders, Purchase orders and other documents are stored in the Cloud CRM and can me merged with Google Docs.

Mail-merge standard fields and custom fields from data records in the CRM, with a Google Docs template to generate custom documents, re-using boilerplate documentation, with real-time data from the CRM fields.

Save all documents as attachments, in the CRM. Attach any document to Leads, Contacts, Accounts Opportunities, Quotes, Invoices, Projects within the CRM and as folders, both in the Salesboom Cloud Documents storage folders, as well as on Google Drive, making sure all your documents are available in real time, from the Cloud, via Mobile and from your desktop.

Build links in the Cloud CRM to documents stored on the Google Cloud and in Google Drive folders.

360-degree view of the customer with all customer information, plus the right documents, at the right time.

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