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Salesboom vs. Salesforce
Truly Unique Automotive Cloud CRM Edition
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Truly Unique Automotive Cloud CRM Edition

In Cloud CRM system software comparison, Salesboom offers an actual customized Automotive Cloud CRM software edition, among others, which include actual newly produced features that are unique to each industry solution, instead of just a generic template with a few different words on each tab like's industry "customizations." Salesboom provides a holistic solution for unique verticals like Automotive, Insurance, Banking & Finance and more to allow the small, medium or large business in these diverse industries the functionality they need to succeed. When you compare Cloud CRM system software - doesn't.

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    Continued Cloud CRM Comparison - More Reasons to Choose Salesboom over

  1. Billing management & Invoice management Automation
  2. Web based Project Management
  3. Inventory Management
  4. sales Territory Management
  5. Campaign ROI Reporting
  6. sales quote software
  7. Cases Outlook Integration
  8. Customer Lifecycle Management (CLM)
  9. More email Functionality, Including Mass email Support
  10. More Employee Collaboration
  11. Re-Occurring Events & Tasks
  12. A Truly Unique Automotive Cloud CRM Edition
  13. Billable Support Time Tracking
  14. Relevant, Contextual Dashboard Reporting
  15. Salesboom On Demand hosted Cloud CRM Appliance Server
  16. All the Business Cloud CRM Tools You Need to Succeed; Without the Price Tag
  17. Better Customer Service, Less Headaches

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Looking for that small business Goldmine? Don't be a SAP, ACT! and Maximize your business with Salesboom!

Salesboom offers many more variances from than simply outlined above. We strive to make all our features more accessible, easier to use and better equipped to handle your small, medium or large business processes than our competitors. So try the Salesboom software for yourself and notice all the subtle (and not-so-subtle) enhancements you'll find in Salesboom as compared to, or any other on demand hosted Cloud CRM system software provider. We know you won't regret it. Do a Cloud CRM system software package comparison for yourself and see the difference!

Take the 30 day FREE Business Cloud crm software trial today, or contact us for more information. 1.855.229.2043 or

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