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Value Added Reseller (Distribution Partner)

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With the Salesboom Value Added Reseller (VAR) or Channel Partner program, you can become an authorized Salesboom agent and add the valuable Salesboom line of products and services to your valued client base. Salesboom's VAR program is all-encompassing - we can customize your partnership to cover specific verticals, geographic markets, and more.

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Salesboom is an industry leader in On demand hosted Cloud CRM system software (Customer Relationship Management) / web-based SFA (Sales Force Automation) services , and makes an excellent addition to any business to business (B2B) orientated organization's product and service offering. The Salesboom.com service includes features such as Web based Contact Management , Lead Management, Revenue Forecasting, Web based Document Management & Retention, as well as key unique features such as Salesboom's On demand Web based Project Management and Billing management & Invoice management Automation. Salesboom is also available as an in-house on-premise software online web based Cloud CRM software / web-based SFA solution via the Salesboom On Demand hosted Cloud CRM Appliance Server. Salesboom is currently used by thousands of subscribers worldwide, and is growing by leaps and bounds!

The way the Salesboom Channel Partner program is setup is simple - because keeping things simple is best for both parties. Upon admittance to the VAR program, Salesboom Partners must purchase licenses for their own sales team to utilize internally. After that, everything is set in motion. You can charge as much (or as little) for the Salesboom licenses you provide to your end clients as you desire. We will take a set percentage off the list price (list price determined by date on first authorized purchase order submitted to us for each new client) and bill you for the remainder in a pro-rated, monthly fashion. It's just that easy! And at the commission percentages Salesboom offers, it's no wonder our Channel Partner program is growing exponentially around the world!

Salesboom is continuously marketing the Salesboom.com service world-wide, so brand name recognition is already taken care of for you! We will also assist in any industry specific or geographically specific marketing efforts that you need to undertake. Salesboom is committed to the success of its Channel Partner Program, and endeavors to make every partner as empowered as possible to provide the Salesboom.com service to all its end clients. Our success over the years wouldn't have been possible without the efforts of our Channel Partners, and we always make sure that our partners are our number one priority.

The responsibilities of the Value Added Reseller (VAR) are few. Market and sell the Salesboom brand of products and services as well as you can, up selling and cross-selling with your own product offerings, and then bill your end clients with whatever terms you set out for them. Salesboom will then bill you cumulatively for all the services rendered, less a sizable discount to reward you for all your efforts. And the more you sell, the more you can save, with scaling discount structures available, as well as the ability to easily earn all your internal Salesboom licenses for free!

Salesboom also offers its Salesboom On Demand hosted Cloud CRM Appliance Server for purchase to any interested partner. Each server is licensed for a minimum of 100 user licenses, and can be completely customized and branded however you like. Then, you can resell to your end users, and keep all the revenues! The Cloud CRM Appliance Server is fully licensed for resale, and has a starting price of US$9,950.

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Still have questions? Check the FAQ!

Q: How do I apply to become a Salesboom Authorized Reseller?
A: Fill out the request form for a Value Added Reseller (VAR) Application here. A Salesboom representative will review your information and submit the partnership application to you via email or fax, whichever you prefer. Then fill out the application form and fax it back to us!

Q: What criteria are used to determine if my organization is a good enough fit for the Salesboom Channel Partner Program?
A: Salesboom uses internal criteria to check on the potential opportunity of becoming a Value Added Reseller of its services. Additional weight is given to companies which have specific industry vertical and/or geographical market niche experience, or those with experience reselling a competitive product.

Q: Do I have to buy Salesboom licenses for internal use in order to become a VAR?
A: It is standard policy to ensure that all our Channel Partners are utilizing the Salesboom service internally. This is done for a few reasons, chiefly because a sales team that is using a product is much more familiar with its uses, nuances, and value, and therefore, in our research, is much more adept and successful at selling it. It also requires our Channel Partner to have a financial investment in the partner relationship, which helps us filter out partners who aren't as serious about reselling our Cloud CRM Software application as they should be.

Q: You mentioned I could earn my internal user licenses for free! How do I do that?
A: It's extremely easy to earn your user licenses for free. Once you have sold 100% of the user licenses you use internally (or fifteen user licenses total, whichever is greater), you get 50% off of your internal purchase order. After you have sold 200% of the user licenses you use internally (or thirty user licenses total, whichever is greater), you will stop being billed for the user licenses. These calculations are determined annually, so selling twice as many user licenses as you use in the run of a year is simple!

Q: What types of remuneration will I receive? How does your commission structure work?
A: There are two different types of commission plans, and depending on how much of a focus Salesboom will be for your sales team, you can determine which one works best for you. The standard terms (which are sent unless the other is requested) outline a specific percentage that you get discounted off of all authorized purchase orders. This is an extremely high percentile, higher than anyone else in the market, and is standard on all orders regardless of how many or few you sell. The other option (must be requested at time of application) is a tiered system which starts you off at a rate still well above the competitors, but scales higher the more licenses you sell, up to a maximum of 50% off the list price!

Q: Your prices listed are lower/higher than what I think I can sell Salesboom to my clients for. Am I allowed to change the prices that I charge?
A: Yes! We encourage our Channel Partners to sell the Salesboom service at a list price that makes sense for their region and clientele. We're very well versed in specific geographic nuances on price points as well, and can work with you to make the service very affordable and applicable to your end clients. Plus, based on your feedback, you can directly have input on if our posted list prices change in the future!

Q: I have a product or service which I think would be a great integrated offering with the Salesboom service. Can I do this?
A: We do have an Integration Partnership available, which has much more strict acceptance requirements. Additional weight is given to those partners who have already established themselves as successful VAR partners. The Salesboom integration is easy - we have an available API which will integrate with most other offerings available. The terms for remuneration and cost sharing will be negotiated upon acceptance into the program. Contact us for more information.

Q: I think the Salesboom service is great, but I want to sell it to my customers as my own. Is there anyway I can brand it for my own company, or at least co-brand the application?
A: Definitely. There are two options for you in this respect - we can co-brand the Salesboom.com application and give you your own login portal for already established and successful channel partners, or those who wish to pay up front for the branding customization. Your other option is to purchase the new Salesboom On Demand hosted Cloud CRM System Appliance Server, which gives you control over your own customizations, and allows you to keep 100% of the revenue you charge your customers! Contact us for more information.

Q: What kind of marketing support should I expect?
A: We have lots of marketing collateral that we can help you out with, from White Papers to Product Information, to Competitor Comparisons as well as print media. Upon request, we can authorize the dissemination of this marketing material to your end users/prospects to assist you in selling. Additional efforts are made for those who have very specific or demanding marketing needs, such as those in a geographic or niche market.

Q: I don't want to compete with other companies selling Salesboom near me. Do you offer geographic or industry specific exclusivity agreements?
A: While we traditionally do not offer exclusivity under any circumstances, there are a few exceptions which can be made for the right organizations. Contact us with a detailed description of your position and we can let you know if you qualify. Geographic exclusivity, if offered, will be limited to smaller regions within North America, but can be larger to organizations in other parts of the world.

Q: Do you handle Technical Support and Customer Service for my customers?
A: Your customers have the same access to Technical Support as any other Salesboom user. As an established Salesboom Channel Partner, you will have priority access to any technical issues you bring forth for yourself or your end users. Customer Service is solely the responsibility of the VAR; however Salesboom reserves the right to contact your end users from time to time for quality assurance purposes only.

Q: Okay, so I've heard enough, I want to join the successful Salesboom Channel Partner Program! How do I get started?
A: Fill out the Application Form or contact us today for more information!

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