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Salesboom Unveils New v5.0 On demand Web based CRM & SFA Service

Wednesday, April 27, 2005—Halifax, NS Canada- (, industry leading On demand hosted CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) / web-based SFA (Sales Force Automation) service provider, today unveiled the entire feature-set for its new v5.0 application release. Deployed transparently and seamlessly via the Internet to all existing Salesboom customers and trial users, the Salesboom v5.0 application is available for use immediately. Within version 5, users can expect some broad and sweeping changes, designed to further automate businesses utilizing the online web based CRM software / web-based SFA service, increasing productivity and decreasing overhead. Included in the release are a new Customizations piece, enhancements to the Salesboom web based email system, improvements to the Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM Reporting, Analytics and business intelligence tools ( sales marketing software ) and an overhaul of the Salesboom on demand Case Management feature.

"There's a reason why Salesboom is making headlines," commented Salesboom President & Co-Founder Rami Hamodah. "We've been in the business of helping you do business for a long time. The Salesboom v5.0 release is another huge step in completely redesigning the way people think about CRM. (NYSE: CRM) is long fading into the sunset - people want smarter, more functional online web based CRM software and web-based SFA systems. We're in constant dialogue with our customers and partners, and our releases are based on what our customers need to maximize their productivity and enhance their CRM experience. Salesboom is smarter, more user friendly, and more comprehensive than any other web based CRM or SFA service on the market, and there is zero up-front investment. Salesboom is truly a small business CRM software solution, with a reasonable price and great bottom-line results that can be seen almost instantly."

The new Salesboom v5.0 release, deployed seamlessly to all existing clients and prospects via the Internet, includes a whole hosted of changes and additions designed to help make CRM smarter. Included in the release is a brand new Salesboom Customizations piece, allowing users of the web-hosted CRM and SFA application to fully customize the layout of the Salesboom system. This will allow users to store customized unique information, and enhance the system to maintain control of unique small business processes that may not be found in a pre-molded CRM software system. Users can create, modify, delete or rename newly created tabs in the application and store completely different types of information. The Customizations ability comes at no additional charge in the Salesboom Professional and Enterprise Editions, with no limit as to how many customizations are made on the Enterprise Edition.

Also included in the v5.0 release is a much-anticipated overhaul of the Salesboom web based email client, fully integrated into the CRM software system. The new enhancements will allow users to utilize the Salesboom system much as they would an external email client - including provisions for a "Display Name", email address, POP3 or IMAP server address, and more. Users will also have the ability to add customized signatures to outgoing email from each user account, allowing a unified and personal touch to all outgoing emails. The Salesboom small business CRM integrated email feature also allows users to create custom email templates, to increase productivity and eliminate user error when sending frequent emails to users. The web based email feature is fully integrated into the On demand hosted CRM software / Web-based SFA Software system, eliminating the need for the small business to use stand alone email software to solve their small business communication issues.

Salesboom is also receiving an overhaul of its On demand Case Management system, designed for Service & Support teams to use to track customer "tickets" or post-sales support issues from the Salesboom interface. Now boasting automated email notification and response from new or modified customer support cases in the Salesboom Case Management system, the Salesboom On demand hosted CRM software / Web-based SFA Software service will further automate the Service & Support teams of any organization utilizing its service. Furthermore, Salesboom's Customizable Reporting, Analytics and business intelligence tools ( sales marketing software ) have been beefed up, making the entire application much smarter. Included in these changes are many additional filters for the custom reporting, such as Boolean filters, as well as a user-friendly interface. The custom reporting and analytics piece is also fully integrated into the rest of the Salesboom Online Web based CRM Software system, including the new Customizations piece and the existing Dashboard Reports tool.

"Salesboom v5.0 is going to skyrocket Return on Investment (ROI) for all of our customers, but especially the ones utilizing our small business CRM software," the VP of Sales stated. "Our new enhancements are increasing the usability for small business customers, and we're making Online CRM an even more integral part of their day to day operations. There are thousands and thousands of small business CRM users on the Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM software system, and they're there for a reason. Salesboom has a reasonable web-hosted CRM price point, exceptional customer support, practical features and a smarter, easier interface than any of our competition. With the release of Salesboom v5.0, other competitors will wonder how we did it; and the answer is determination and dedication to quality and authenticity. Try Salesboom today and experience the difference yourself. There's simply no comparison anymore. The CRM industry is being revolutionized giant leap by giant leap as Salesboom continues its long-standing history of great reliable product releases, designed for the users, by the users."

For more information on the Salesboom v5.0 release, including complete technical specification of the new features, interested parties are asked to contact Salesboom directly at 1.855.229.2043 (1.855.229.2043) or via email at Additional information and a Free CRM Software 30 Day Trial are also available at the Salesboom web site, located at

About is an On demand hosted CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) and web-based SFA (Sales Force Automation) software service provider that offers the small business the opportunity to tap into a software technology that is reserved for large corporations. is a web based service that meets the budgetary needs of most companies while delivering valuable CRM and SFA services, helping corporations compete head-on with larger competition employing traditional CRM software solutions.'s on demand hosted CRM software includes Web based Contact Management , Lead Management, Sales Account Management Software, Products, Contracts & Invoicing, File & Web based Document Management , Forecasting, Customer Support, Email, and the latest advanced CRM Reporting & Analytics tools. Included is a web based messaging system (like instant messaging) which allows for cross-company, real time sales software collaboration among employees.

It is our position that the time has finally arrived for business to cash in on the software industry's promise of applications that are useful, aggressively priced, and accessible 24/7 from anywhere there's an Internet connection.

For additional information or a free trial, contact: Tel: 1.855.229.2043 (toll free in North America) or 902-446-7293, Fax: 902-446-4850 email: or

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