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2005 Salesboom CRM Press Releases

November 2005

Salesboom defines "Second Generation Hosted CRM" with Workflow Automation

October 2005

Salesboom On Demand SmartUpgrade Makes for Smart CRM
Salesboom.com Makes On demand Hosted CRM Software Accessible

September 2005

Salesboom.com says SugarCRM Goes Sour with Major Security Flaw Exposing Customer Data
Salesboom launches "Off Siebel CRM on demand rescue initiative" for stranded CRM Ondemand customers.

August 2005

Salesboom.com Releases Next Generation hosted CRM & CLM Solutions

July 2005

Salesboom releases on demand Automotive CRM Software Edition

June 2005

Salesboom Announces Release of Microsoft Outlook CRM Integration Software, Touts More Functionality than Salesforce.com

May 2005

Salesboom Announces Multilingual Support in its Salesboom.com Web based online web based CRM software / web-based SFA Solutions

April 2005

Salesboom Unveils New Salesboom.com v5.0 On demand Web based CRM & SFA Service

Salesboom Makes 99.8% Uptime Guarantee Addition to Its Web-Based online web based CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) / web-based SFA (Sales Force Automation) service Level Agreement (SLA)

March 2005

Salesboom.com Announces New Customizable CRM Application Release with Version 5.0

February 2005

Salesboom.com, Leading On demand hosted CRM software / Web-based SFA Software Provider, Announces New Release of its Salesboom On Demand hosted CRM Appliance In-House CRM Server

January 2005

Salesboom.com On demand Web based Project Management Solution Hailed as "Huge Success" over Salesforce.com offering
Salesboom.com, First & Only Canadian On demand hosted CRM software / Web-based SFA Software Service Provider Announces New Influx of Canadian Clients and Partnerships

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