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Opportunity Management Software

Many organizations, large, medium and small are managing their Sales force by a mishmash of emails, paper, and MS Excel Spreadsheets. Some will argue contact managers such as Microsoft Outlook are all they need. The truth is that without well thought out and automated Sales processes, you have no control over how your sales force is managing deals with your customers. Salesboom.com Cloud CRM gives you Sales Force Automation business processes that work out of the box, are seamlessly integrated with Marketing, Customer Service and Support, HR, Management and are flexible enough to be customized to your business processes with clicks, not custom code. Leave it to the Salesforce to ?wing it? when it comes to the process of managing a sale is a bad idea.

Opportunity-pipeline Cloud CRM

The heart of any solid Sales Force Automation and Sales Management strategy is providing a consistent, successful and repeatable sales processes that have high employee buy-in. It all starts with defining within your organization, with consensus from Marketing, Sales and Management, what exactly defines a Sales Opportunity, when that opportunity occurs, and what are the % chance of success at each stage of the Opportunity pipeline. This definition is not well defined in many organizations and there is no consistent set of data or process to support a unified evaluation of a prospect's potential viability.

Salesboom.com gives you Sales Force Automation on-demand. Sales Force Automation is available to your business, out of the box and is extensible and flexible enough to mould and change along with your dynamic Sales environment. Just as the definition of what is an opportunity will change over time due to the market, your competition, your products, corporate goals, Your Recession Sales Strategy, etc, Salesboom gives you the tools to manage that change in your Sales, Marketing, Support and Billing processes so that more opportunities are closed rather than lost.

Know why opportunities have closed, who is closing them, and the characteristics of an opportunity that makes it a winner. Just as important, track specific information on why opportunities are lost so you can take corrective action to get your business sales back on track. Track quantitatively which opportunities closed for how much each quarter, across your entire business.

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