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Use Salesboom integrated tools to identify and improve Case Management activities. You can view information in isolation and/or in context to other files and activities.

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Data Sheet: Case Management

Enterprise Case Management

Use Salesboom integrated tools to identify and improve Case Management activities. You can view information in isolation and/or in context to other files and activities. Using Salesboom CRM you can organize, track and manage activities related to:

  • Staff Structure and Organization
  • Staff Management and Development
  • Contract and Document Management
  • Information Management
  • Quality Improvement
  • Oversight of Delegated Functions
  • Organizational Ethics
  • Complaints
  • Security
  • Privacy

Case Lifecycle Management

Reference best practices in the context of your current case, and share information appropriately across the organization for informed decision making.

With Salesboom you can manage Cases throughout the Creation, Activation, Renewal, Modification and Retirement stages.

Create a repository of Case Management information and best practices, that are aligned to organizational policy.

Shared information means better interaction with clients to meet deadlines and milestones and to make informed decisions.

Use Salesboom CRM to create multi-faceted workflows for automation of approval processes, managing collaborative activities, reporting, and automating procedures.

Case Management Decision Supports

Salesboom CRM can help you to build on your Core Accreditation Standards, enabling organizations to improve activities like :

  • Training of Case Managers
  • Identifying clients for Case Management
  • Managing/Conducting Case Management activities
  • Promoting the autonomy of clients/partners
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • Delegating responsibility

Case files and Document Management

Different document layers – differentiate source and release documents

Knowledge is your most valuable asset. Salesboom has integrated document management functionality within the CRM application, giving you the opportunity to build flows for document creation, collaboration and management, all in the context of your business processes.

Share documents easily and securely via Salesboom to ensure timely response in meeting deadlines for contributions ...... all organized in browsable, searchable, categorized libraries.

Salesroom offers full Document Lifecycle Management services with additional features such as linking for building contextual relationships. Please contact sales for a copy of the Document Lifecycle Management Product Sheet for more details.

Case Management Baseline Metrics

Salesboom delivers tools for accurate and efficient Monitoring and Evaluation activities.

With Salesboom, you can identify and track metrics that can provide very specific 'success criteria' for Case Management activities. Some of the possibilities are:

  • Track fees (Fin)
  • Track Recognition/Rewards (HRM)
  • Track Funding/Delivery with Monitoring & Evaluation Processes (M&E)
  • Track Applications (Admin)
  • Track Programs individually or in relation to other programs/activities (Collaboration)
  • System Usage (Change Management/Productivity)
  • Message sent/posted (Inter-office collaboration)
  • Case creation statistics, etc (Stats)
  • Problem/Issue (Service)

Use Dashboard Analytics Tools to analyze and display metrics in the context of business need.

Case Risk and Issue Management

Understand the risks and issues in the context of your policy and management practices.

Close the loop on issue management by developing an organizational risk and issue knowledge base. Keep track of issues and metrics that offer clear insight on probabilities, impact and resolutions against various conditions/activities. Some common elements in Risk/Issue Management are:

  • Uptake
  • Adherence to program policy
  • Reporting
  • Technology
  • Misuse
  • Governance of a shared input
  • Balancing competing demands on operations/development

Case Management Workflow & Compliance

Ensure all parties are compliant in decision and action activities.

Use Salesboom to address compliance concerns across the enterprise in areas such as legal, financial, procurement and operations.

Flexible, client-defined configuration tailors workflow to each organization based on specific policy/procedural requirements.

Use workflows to ensure consistent intake, data capture, and improved efficiency

Salesboom workflow has sophisticated administration features that allow for easy management/updating

Workflows will enhance management of schedules, tasks, and case information and can build in mechanisms that facilitate easy follow-up, investigation, and resolution by clarifying procedures and contextualizing references.

Case Management

Build case relationships that are viewable solo in in context to one another.

Track and encourage distributed authorship - The extent to which the business as a whole takes responsibility for keeping content up to date is a metric in itself.

Improve process efficiency - By doing process analysis, it is possible to determine the steps needed to complete critical business activities, and the time needed.

Identify and manage transaction costs - A process analysis activity will determine costs involved in completing tasks. Use Salesboom to streamline Case Management activities for enhanced efficiencies.

Quick Reference of Key Features

All Case Management procedures can be customized to fit each process. You can add custom fields, and build workflows that support each step in the Case Management Program.

Use Salesboom CRM to manage any range of Case Management Activities in the context of business lines, project, activity. With the integrated tools that come standard with Salesboom you can manage the following:

  • Case Intake/Assessment
  • Decide Case Solution and Placement
  • Brief Service PlanSign of on Service Plan
  • Initial Assessment
  • Supervisor Sign-Off on Assessment
  • Document follow up on Service receipt
  • Reassessment
  • Service Plan Update
  • Supervisor Sign-Off on reassessment & update
  • Internal and External Communications (Case Managers, Consultants, Service Providers)
  • Identify Caseload Limits
  • Case Manager Contacts with client
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Collateral Assessments
  • Site Visits
  • Case Closure
  • Supervisory Sign-Off on closure
  • Supervisor Qualifications
  • Case Manager Qualifications
  • Client Eligibility
  • Guidelines and Policy

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