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Data Sheet: Enterprise Edition

The Salesboom Enterprise Edition comes with all of the industry-leading features our clients have come to enjoy in the Professional and Team Edition along with our other CRM Software programs in addition to many more features. You receive a complete product database to maintain an overview of all the products and services you offer, which links in to our web based Inventory Management solution. The Enterprise Edition is also packed with Customer Billing Management & Invoice Management functionality giving you the power to completely automate your billing cycles with invoices, sales quotes management and more. Our fully featured Customer Self-Service Portal will decrease support times and overhead, while increasing customer satisfaction by giving them an outlet to check on support cases manually without waiting through telephone queues.

Some features in addition to those of Professional Edition include:

  • Service Quotes Management
  • Inventor Database Program
  • Contract Management System
  • Commissions Management
  • Contact Center – CTI, IVR, VOIP
  • Web Self-Service
  • EDI Services
  • Automated Billing and Invoicing Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Project Management Software
Service Quotes Management
  • You can quickly generate service quotes on the go
  • Create professional sales quotes in PDF format and e-mail it in read only file format
  • Quote Management is tightly integrated with Salesboom.com’s contract and time billing management software
  • Salesboom.com is equipped with customizable records fields with reporting and CRM Software workflow
  • Full Integration with Salesboom.com Opportunity Management
  • When an opportunity is closed, billing invoice software instantly creates and e-mails from within Salesboom.com
  • Contract management software solutions associate contracts with records like quotes, contacts, accounts, opportunities
  • Salesboom.com’s Quote Management Software helps your sales team concentrate on selling, not working with sales and quote documents
Inventory Database Program
  • Provides you with a 360-degree view of your complete inventory database, past, present and future
  • Allows you to easily view which products are most popular with which types of customers
    Provides quick product reference
  • Your Sales team will know exactly what products are offered and at what cost
  • The ability to offer special discounts by creating an online product catalog
  • Easily compare customer reports against product reports
  • Determine Key Selling business opportunities by knowing how much product to have on hand
Contract Management System
  • You can manage contacts in web-based environment available 24/7/365
  • There is no install software to download
  • Customize the data you would like stored about your contacts to fit your specific requirements
  • Use our Outlook Synch to import contacts from Outlook
  • Benefit from real-time alerts, contact management & creation or edit notification along with automated contact routing
  • Leverage self-service Contact creation from your Web Site
  • Use our Mass Email solutions to better manage contracts
  • Import Contacts from other systems quickly and easily
  • Zip Code Proximity creates a list of Contacts in any given radius of a ZIP code
  • You have full security over who has access to what Contact info
  • Contacts can be associated with Events, Tasks, Calls, Notes, Documents, E-mails, Accounts, Opportunities, Campaigns, and much more
Commissions Management
  • Provide visibility, compliance and creditability for commission plans
  • You can use our software employee payroll commission template for swift implementation
  • Sales agents can use Commissions Management to request commissions on closed won sales
  • Used by managers to calculate and distribute commission payments
  • Easily identify top employees by commissions earned
  • Calculate total commissions paid out for any given period
Contact Center – CTI, IVR, VOIP
  • Our Contact Center solutions allow companies to easily set up customer contact centers
  • Provide your clients with Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), freeing up employee’s within your office to be more productive
  • Allows for Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Save campaign management and client interaction history within a single location
Web Self-Service
  • Create special self-serve accounts for any customer
  • Allows customers access to create cases that will instantly alert support personnel
  • Link solutions from other customer's cases back to the original trouble ticket
  • Customer's don't need to contact you in order to submit a case saving time and increasing productivity
  • Better efficiency equals customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and customer retention
EDI Services
  • Allows the electronic exchange of information pertaining to orders, invoicing, and payment data with customers and suppliers
  • Customers can send Purchase Orders and Change Orders
  • Easily generate Functional Acknowledgments for any transactions received
  • Send daily Ship Notices and Invoices to inform clients and partners
  • EDI Planning Schedules help forecast delivery requirements
  • Send Customer Order Status Reports
  • Send Purchase Orders and Change Orders
  • Send Dispatch Advisements
Automated Billing and Invoicing Software
  • You can automatically generate correct and up-to-date invoices
  • Salesboom.com automatically changes invoices to Read-Only status to ensure that it can’t be altered
  • Quickly generate invoices by selecting the products from the Product Database that the customer is being billed for
  • Run a consumer invoice report to get a list of pending invoices
  • Run an overdue report to have an instant view and help prevent or recover overdue accounts
  • You can incorporate various tax rules based upon a variety of situational rules
  • Easily figure in a percentage based discounts for a particular item or across the entire invoice itself
  • Store and reference all of your customers' payment information within Salesboom.com for easy reference
Inventory Management Software
  • Track inventory levels through both manual and automated inventory
  • Salesboom.com can make automatic updates as sales are made
  • Set new automated inventory level updates on a recurring basis
Project Management Software
  • Project management and technology come together allowing full visibility into all areas of your business
  • Plan and track the progress of all your tasks, resources and view expenditure forecasting with business expenditure sheets
  • Accurately track hours spent on any particular project
  • A full-on historic view will allow you greater visibility into how past projects have performed
  • Access project information anytime, anywhere for project information management
  • Track all employees responsible for working on the project to make sure it stays on time
  • Data sharing among team members and their project manager streamlines processes
  • You will posses visibility into all of your projects; finished, current or planned

All these highlights are only some of the ways Salesboom.com’s CRM Software Enterprise Edition will help your company, no matter the industry or service. In addition to all these great features you receive a full lineup of Customer Relationship Management, Sales Force Automation, Campaign and Lead Management, Customer Service and Support, Analytics and Collaboration solutions making the Enterprise Edition a great end to end solution for businesses of all sizes.

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