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Salesboom introduces contract management functionality within a CRM application giving you the opportunity to build flows for contract creation, collaboration and management, all in the context of your business processes

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Data Sheet: Contract Lifecycle Management

Enterprise Contract Management

Salesboom has a workflow engine built to deliver excellence in Contract Management. The workflow has a rich library of best practices coupled with a highly customizable field selection function, that can be combined to deliver two key components of service, usability and customizability, without the need for technical expertise or support. Any process, no matter how layered or how complex, can be configured from the Salesboom

  • On-Demand – On-Time Access to your Contract Repository - With Salesboom you can rapidly and securely capture, share and build contract holdings from your web portal for timely and efficient collaboration.
  • Contract and Relationship Management - Salesboom has integrated tools to manage contract relationships in all industries including Automotive, IT & Property Rental by linking documents, libraries, clauses, contacts, projects, and financial systems for clear understanding of relationships, impacts and bridging opportunities. You can additionally manage contract renewal notifications in real-time using workflow and reporting tools.
  • Contract Analysis Tools - Quality Assurance Processes can be automated to ensure accuracy in tracking terms, disbursements, performance, consistency and content. Generate reports and view analytics related to contract activity through the dashboard.
  • Powerful Easy-to-tailor Workflow - Salesboom has built-in rules based workflows that take contracts through multiple iterations throughout the contract lifecycle including: negotiation, creation, bidding, quality assurance, approvals, expenditures against contract, and terms and conditions for service and archiving, using tasks and alerts.
  • Backup and Security - Salesboom guarantees redundant back up scenarios to protect data in the knowledge base including a monthly backup of data, sent directly to your head office.
    Salesboom guarantees a secure environment with a very granular permissions protocol that can be finely scaled to control access to information at each phase of contract development and delivery. Access is based on enterprise rules for 'need to know'.
  • Reporting - Salesboom generates custom reports based on defined parameters via a wizard interface.

Contract Lifecycle Management

With Salesboom you can manage contract actions throughout the Creation, Activation, Renewal, Modification and Termination stages.

Create a repository of contract information, that you can track and manage at key events. Manage deadlines and milestones with advanced workflow and automation tools that come standard with Salesboom deployment.

Contract and Agreement Support

Tailor processes to capture the fine points of each contract negotiation and creation process using process wizards

Salesroom manages contracts and agreements based on the following definition. A contract is a legally binding agreement between the parties to fulfill all the terms and conditions outlined in the agreement, and a contract is typically enforceable only when all the parties to the contract have signed and agreed to the obligations and entitlements.

In undertaking to enter into a contract relationship, it is important to manage each step of the contract process to ensure a successful conclusion.

Salesroom can distinguish and manage differences and similarities for all types of agreements. Configure the rules based workflow to automatically generate a contract at the closing of a sale, populating appropriately with information and agreements that have been through QA and authorizations within the system.

  • sales contracts (including leases)
  • purchasing contracts
  • partnership agreements
  • software agreements
  • trade agreements
  • government contracting agreements
  • intellectual property agreements

Contract Document Management

Different document layers – differentiate source and release documents

Knowledge is your most valuable asset. Salesboom has integrated document management functionality within the CRM application, giving you the opportunity to build flows for document creation, collaboration and management, all in the context of your business processes.

Share documents easily and securely via Salesboom to ensure timely response in meeting deadlines for contributions ...... all organized in browsable, searchable, categorized libraries.

Salesroom offers full Document Lifecycle Management services with additional features such as linking for building contextual relationships. Please contact sales for a copy of the Document Lifecycle Management Product Sheet for more details.

Contract Baseline Management

Salesboom delivers detailed and searching contract management

Using Salesboom tools, you can measure and monitor contract performance, project management performance, undertake analysis and appraisals of a legal team's efficiency against the cost of the contract, and identify possible areas of exposure and risk.

By identifying baseline milestones and incorporating them into the contracting process, it is possible to use the metrics obtained to identify opportunities for improvement and gaps that need to be addressed. Salesboom has dashboard tools for reporting and analysis.

Contract Issue Management

Track and document Issues, requirements and other provisions of contracts that may have a serious, adverse effect on the contracting effort such as : economy, efficiency, policy, objectives, or other management areas that might preclude a contract let. 

Use Salesboom workflow to automate and manage transactional controls to reduce administrative and material costs, shorten contract cycle times, enhance procurement decisions, and diminish operational and regulatory risk.

Contract Transaction Compliance

Capture any document type into Salesboom

Use Salesboom to address compliance concerns across the enterprise in areas such as legal, finance, procurement and operations. Activate Salesboom's Monitoring & Reporting functions to enable complex searches of new and existing contracts to identify terms and clauses in agreements that represent compliance risks.

Salesboom can deliver solutions that can automate thorough searching and deliver due-diligence actions on every contract in the enterprise repository, and can identify non-compliance issues that require remediation.

Contract Bid Management

Relate documents to any other document , project, product, sales activity in the system.

Utilize Salesboom tools to manage bid activities in many different contexts. You can manage the bid process for construction, government contracting, eBay bidding, or letting purposes.

Manage bid awards as a total event or a percentage of the event or according to line items

  • Review a summary of the award
  • Post the award within the system and to the vendor
  • Categorize suppliers by family
  • Track bids in other systems
  • Manage inventory for bids into external systems

Quick Reference of Key Features

Salesboom Key Features:

  • Standardized contract templates via "wizard"
  • Populate templates with approved clauses
  • Re-use Standard Terms and Conditions
  • Provide contract finalization (digital signatures, etc,)
  • Verify the shipment schedules
  • Deliver automatic notifications and alerts of contract expirations, renewals, price changes, etc.
  • Validate pricing of invoice vs. contract
  • Integrate with other applications as required

About Salesboom

SalesboomTM is a world leader in delivery of on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Salesboom has over 28,000 subscribers from around the globe, ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 customers, in over 154 countries around the world. Salesboom.com solutions drive innovation, enable business realignment, and enriches customer relations across the enterprise.

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