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Data Sheet: Campaign Management

Campaign Management is an integral part of any growing company. It acts as a way to measure the success of past and current campaigns while providing the answers you need to develop a finely tuned campaign and accurately track it in the future. This feature is included within our Professional, Enterprise and Unlimited Edition and acts as a great tool to make sense of endless data. At any point you can run reports in real time to drill down on specific points of any given campaign or any number of combined campaigns. With Salesboom.com’s Campaign Management you will never wonder or guess about the success of your marketing campaigns again.

Your business will benefit from Salesboom.com’s Campaign Management tool with:

Access to Marketing Campaign Data
  • Track the number of sales, leads, contacts, sales opportunities and accounts generated
  • Automate and manage both off-line and online marketing and sales campaigns
  • Create any number of custom reports
  • Share data with the channel, sales and support in real time
  • Complete access to your campaign data from any computer with internet access
Track Campaign Progress
  • View how many leads have been generated, qualified and handed off, the number of leads contacted, which turned into opportunities and sales
  • Track the amount of revenue that has been generated at any point during a campaign
  • Instantly compare revenue generated to expected revenue and budgeted cost to determine if targets are reached
  • Run up to the minute reports including current and past campaigns to best shape your marketing mix based on successes
  • Contacts, opportunities, leads and accounts can be linked to campaigns as they develop or automatically associated using our web capture tools
Improve Marketing Campaign Strategies
  • When planning new marketing campaigns you can search your entire Salesboom.com platform for similar campaigns carried out in the past to view successes
  • Access to information like revenue and leads generated, the time of year a campaign took place or any other measurable record allows you to instantly see what areas have worked
  • A complete view of all historic campaigns will allow you to learn from the past and plan for the future
Customizable Reporting & Analytics
  • Customizable reporting will allow you to determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns in real time
  • Custom dashboards allow you to identify which marketing initiatives generated the most leads, revenue and profit
  • View real time campaign data in easy to follow visual dashboards with the click of a button
  • Create your own reports and dashboards specific to your business to track successes
Capture Leads from Your Web Site & Manage Online Campaigns
  • Use web capture tools to allow leads to sign up over the web from your web site
  • Web captured leads can automatically be associated to any campaign allowing you to track their entire lifecycle
  • Generate web capture forms to be placed on your web site with the click of a button and associate with a particular campaign where leads will be automatically routed

The in-depth features of Salesboom.com’s Campaign Management solutions provide you with many different ways to manage any number of campaigns no matter their form. Accurately track both offline and online campaigns while managing all related data in a single location from any computer with internet access. Custom user role hierarchy security settings ensure only those with the proper level of access may view and manage records generated from marketing campaigns to make sure your vital company data stays secure. Salesboom.com provides you with a full 360 degree campaign management solution to make sure no leads are ever overlooked.

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SalesboomTM is a world leader in delivery of on-demand Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

Salesboom has over 28,000 subscribers from around the globe, ranging from SMB to Fortune 500 customers, in over 154 countries around the world. Salesboom.com solutions drive innovation, enable business realignment, and enriches customer relations across the enterprise.

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