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Discover how people-powered AI solutions like ChatGPT and Google Bard can help manage your CRM and ERP operations, transforming the future of work.

The Future of Work: Augmenting the Workforce with People and Process and Technology and Data for Growth

Hiring, training, and keeping good people is harder than ever, and keeping the front office and back office running smoothly has become difficult.

At minimum wages, it is tough to get a cohesive team as a workforce that allows for continuous improvement and growth.

To top it off, the internet is changing everything at such a rapid pace, we are expecting more and more IT, software, and data knowledge from our employees that are supposed to be dedicated to serving the customer, client, partner, staff, investor, ie all constituents, to help the business grow.

AI promises to help, but it is yet another technology that workers have to digest, and manage not just the software, but the data and integrations, all at once.

Even with an IT team at your disposal, it doesn't seem to make it easier, yet just another layer of red tape.

Small and medium-sized businesses and enterprises don't have adequate IT departments to get the job done.

Check out the Fast Track program from Salesboom for all your CRM needs. Our bundled professional services package includes consulting, requirements analysis, CRM setup, data migration, rollout, and training - all for a fixed cost to save you money. We've been a leading Cloud CRM vendor for over 20 years, providing AI-powered solutions for sales, marketing, support, quoting, emails, documents, commissions, projects and timesheets, project management, HR, and back-office solutions for SMBs.

Our Fast Track program is the perfect solution for businesses looking to get up and running quickly with a customizable CRM system. With our expertise in customizing CRM solutions, migrating data, and providing training and support, you can trust us to help your business succeed. Plus, our ChatGPT-powered CRM and integrations with all your favorite apps make it easy to streamline your operations and drive growth.

Check out this diagram to see how our Fast Track program works:

CRM Setup and Support Success Diagram

Since 2003 we have set up and trained customers with the Fast Track Program.

The only solution that is better than AI is a trained team of IT, Consultants, Operations, and other people dedicated to your business, that learn the AI, train it on good data, and do something with the results to improve the process, and repeat.

This is a tall order for today's over-stressed worker.

Outsourcing is not a solution because it is for low-level operations, or project-based work that lacks the dedicated team of people that will work on the solutions they need today and in the future.

The Augmented Workforce has so far been about augmenting workers (people) with advanced technologies, and solutions, but leaving those same workers to have to manage the technologies, data, and people.

What if we augmented each worker with a team of people dedicated to them, to manage the technology and data, to perform the redundant and mundane tasks, without the fear of losing that continuity, so each worker could focus most of their time on continuous improvement?

AI, AR, Automation, and many more factors are built with the promise of augmenting your workforce to free up time, outsource repetitive and mundane tasks, free up the worker to focus on being the best that they can be, and augment their job in a way that allows them to focus on the customers, partners, workers, shareholders, clients, all constituents.

That was also the promise of Cloud CRM & SFA solutions.

Since Cloud CRM systems are integrated with other software and databases and are the central database for contacts, they have become the customer database of record for most companies.

The management of Cloud CRM systems grows exponentially difficult for workers as the number of applications and databases that also have to be used grows. The problem is managing the logins and configurations, and data transfer between applications, to get a real-time 360-degree view of your customer now takes up too many hours each day, leaving workers not enough time to adequately manage the customer.

Today's customers, clients, partners all constituents are used to advancements in Cloud systems that allow for self-service and real-time interaction with businesses, and their appetite for more, better, and faster service has outpaced the ability of most companies to keep up.

They call it digital disruption - ie the internet, Cloud, AI, AR, and all technologies built to enhance businesses are leveling the playing field and making everyone who has a website look like they are an expert.

Learn how companies are benefiting from using Cloud CRM with Sales, Marketing, Suport, Quoting, eCommerce and more. Check out our Salesboom YouTube Video to learn more about our AI-powered Cloud CRM solutions designed for Canadian businesses.

It is becoming more and more difficult for businesses with all the reputations and experience to keep pace.

Part of it is not being able to keep up with technological changes fast enough.

Part of it is not being able to keep up with changes in employees' and workers' needs/wants/fears.

Part of it is the internet is changing everything so fast, that every company today needs to think of themselves as, at least in part, a technology company, just to keep up.

Part of it is that the market and economy are constantly changing, with the pace of change only increasing.

When this much change is inflicted at one time on the workforce, old rules don't work anymore, and the new rules are not yet defined, because we are entering into a new paradigm of work.

One where the workforce expects to be enhanced by all the advancements, and freed to focus on their passion and focus on being the best they can be at their job.

The solutions have not yet been developed to keep pace with this rapid change.

Cloud CRM was the promised savior of business and has been one of the single-biggest innovations to help businesses grow, with much less effort, time, and risk.

The problem is, nobody likes to use Cloud CRM systems.

It doesn't matter what vendor you look at, or what employees you ask, most of them hate having to log in to multiple systems and enter data, manage data correctness, import and export data from one system to another, build spreadsheets on data, etc.

What they don't like is the mundane tasks of managing data and software systems.

The paradox is that is exactly what Cloud solutions were meant to do, becomes a burden if you have to manage the data, but yet AI and software and SaaS and Cloud were supposed to fix the problem, so what gives?

The future of work is rapidly evolving, and people-powered AI is poised to play a critical role. With technologies like ChatGPT integrated with CRM and other apps, businesses can supercharge their operations and achieve new levels of efficiency and productivity. By leveraging the power of AI to automate routine tasks and streamline workflows, organizations can free up their human employees to focus on more creative and strategic work. ChatGPT's natural language processing capabilities make it an ideal solution for customer service, marketing, and sales teams looking to provide personalized, responsive support to clients. To learn more about the future of work and how ChatGPT can help your business thrive, check out How to leverage ChatGPT and Gooogle Bard for Business page.

It is easy to skip past the amazing benefits and advancements the Cloud revolution has had on the advancement of business. The amount of work that can be performed today, with less money and less hassle to human workers has never been greater. That is, the efficiency of business has never been greater.

This has got to make a difference in the workforce, and we are seeing it now.

The promise of these solutions hasn't trickled down to the workers as they are feeling more stressed than ever about work, pay, and their future, even amongst the most amazing advancements to help with those problems.

People not wanting or being unable to keep up with the advancement of technology management and data management have been exacerbated to the point that every worker today must be somewhat of a technical person to do their job effectively.

In short, workers today have to learn a whole new skill set of data management and technology management that simply didn't exist 5 years ago. Since the pace of change is increasing rapidly, since the Web became the operating system of business, this problem will only increase.

The rapid pace of web-based technologies, AI, AR, etc means workers will need to be ever-more advanced in their data and technology skills to manage their day-to-day jobs.

Most people go into a line of work that pays reasonably well, doing something they like, and helping as many people succeed as possible, by focusing on growing their skillset, over an entire career.

Today's reality is much different. Workers are forced to focus on mundane tasks like data management, managing software, logins, backups, and training, on the phone with support, it is eating up too much time.

Workers should be focused on the people, process, technology, and data that will empower them to be the best at what role they are inspired to fulfill. Technology is available to make that a reality, but the choke point is that workers can't learn how to leverage the technology and data advantages fast enough.

Just as the skills are learned, they are replaced by new skills that are built upon the last iteration of the technology. It becomes too much to keep up with for workers whose primary jobs are not to manage technology but to manage customers, products, or whatever their role is.

What is needed is an Augmented Workforce that is augmented not just by technology, but with people, processes, technology, and data management in a bundle, as a solution to augment workers with human beings that use AI, AR, and other technologies to automate the mundane tasks, as part of a team helping each worker grow in their respective roles.

The revolving door of workers is stressing businesses and burning out workers, because the old system is based on a pre-internet scenario, and workforce management has not been able to keep up with the changes, and no good solutions have presented themselves, so the cycle continues.

Outsourcing work to offshore and nearshore operations has had limited success due to the lack of continuity and the amount of time required to manage people and projects.

Currently, you can outsource to Fiverr or hire a virtual assistant, or a virtual book-keeper, or have some code written, etc, but these are project-based tasks that do augment the worker, but they lack the continuity and knowledge sharing that drives continuous improvement, and the management of people and projects in this environment, to ensure quality, security, etc is also a time-waster.

The time spent managing and training people is where workers are spending an ever-increasing amount of their time, just to have that invested time and sunk costs just walk out the door, and you are left right where you started, but with more work than ever. This gets repeated over, and over, to the point where it is frustrating for all involved, draining the time and energy out of the business, and burning people out.

Salesboom has a new offering as part of our 20th Anniversary, to augment the workforce of our customers, and provide the people, process, technology, and data required to empower workers to focus on being the best they can be, and help the most people possible.

People-as-a-Service, or Fractional, Augmented Staffing Solutions for operations management can serve as an easy solution to plug into your business for immediate improvements.

Grow Sales and Customers

We help you grow your sales, with the right content, messaging, software, and people to be timely and relevant, and keep the business growing. Here are some tasks that can be automated to help business flow more easily and improve customer experience:

.   Lead capture and qualification

.   Data entry and database management

.   Email and calendar management

.   Document creation and management

.   Appointment scheduling

.   Task management and follow-up

.   Forecasting and pipeline management

.   Lead scoring and prioritization

.   Social media management

.   Marketing automation

.   Customer relationship management (CRM)

.   Lead nurturing and drip campaigns

.   Event management

.   Sales analytics and reporting

.   Sales force automation

.   Territory management

.   Quotation and proposal generation

.   Order processing and invoicing

.   Customer service and support

.   Collaboration and communication with team members

Let Salesboom handle all aspects of the CRM administration and data crunching and updating.

Free your staff to focus on improving relationships between your partners and customer.

We can automate many of the mundane tasks of CRM administration, such as:

.   Importing and exporting data from CRM

.   Setting up new user accounts and permissions

.   Customizing CRM fields and forms

.   Creating reports and dashboards

.   Managing data quality and integrity

.   Integrating CRM with other systems (such as email and accounting software)

.   Setting up automation rules and workflows

.   Managing data security and compliance

.   Providing user support and training

.   Configuring email and calendar integration

.   Setting up integrations with social media platforms

.   Tracking and managing customer interactions and history

.   Assigning and managing tasks and activities

.   Managing leads and opportunities

.   Analyzing and improving CRM processes

.   Setting up and managing marketing campaigns

.   Managing customer segments with reporting, dashboards, Analytics, and workflow automation

.   Setting up and managing customer service or support processes with Cases, Solutions, Knowledgebase, web forms, emails

.   Managing and analyzing customer feedback

.   Evaluating and selecting new CRM software or updates to existing systems

We automate your exact business processes, with software, AI, and human resources dedicated to your success. Here are some common tasks we could help automate:

We embed real people and real solutions into your organization, as an outsourced apps partner and CRM vendor, we know your processes and work with you to succeed.

For example, as your client sends you documents, we can save the docs to a shared Google drive file and enter the data from orders into the CRM, then export the data and import it into other applications.

We can help manage the Google drive folder to share documents and save order forms for entry into the CRM

Exporting data from CRM and other software into spreadsheets, or .csv files for import data into the CRM and other systems

Manage duplicate entries and keep data clean, making the people, process, and technology loop work.

Collect the right information and enter it into the CRM and other applications, generate documents, document signatures, Contract management, Account Management, Order Management, Quoting, Billing & Invoicing, Project Management, Task Management

Some of our vendors have a google doc that they fill in the information. We can enter that info onto a delivery form, or create other documents, that are factually correct, and with a great design, which usually consists of an Excel doc or a pdf.

Re-design forms, contracts, and documents for a more professional look and feel.

Embed documents into the CRM, so it generates the document pre-filled with customer data, order data, or any data pulled from the CRM.

Salesboom builds integrations, and new features, in parallel, to reduce data entry and to get processes done better, and with less work, through automation and AI.

We use our trained experts to help manage the customer relationship, through the entire customer lifecycle. The knowledge gained is fed directly back into our IT and AI systems, where we have been building and releasing quarterly updates to the system, since 2003.

We have been setting up and training our customers in-house for over 20 years, and have trained staff ready to augment your sales operations, customer relationship management, marketing ops, quoting, billing & invoicing, employee management, fulfillment, and more.

We already know your business processes and data, since we set up your CRM system for you, and so our staff is already partially trained, and ready to start adding value today.

You may not work 7 days a week, but we do. We designate a small team of people to your organization, that is cross-trained on your exact business processes, and share the working hours, to staff your operations 24/7 and every day.

This continuity of workers stays with you, learns with you how the business changes, and recommends solutions both in software and in human resources, to help your business grow sustainably and prepare for the future.

Our small teams of people are dedicated to not just your company, but to each specific industry, with all research & development going back into the system, for constant improvement, as part of our internal DNA, since 2003.

We learn together to help your business grow and provide the continuity of ongoing software, data, and people to drive your business forward, automate the mundane tasks, and allow you to focus on your core strengths, and competitive differentiators, freeing your people to focus on the customer.

Improve Agility by focusing on the customer.

If we can better manage the customer relationships, together, then the business succeeds through continuous learning and improvement in key areas of customer, partner, employee, and management satisfaction.

Our people and systems are set up to help you transform into a more agile company, that can adapt to change more quickly and with less stress, do more with less, and provide continuous learning, so that the company grows resiliently.

Customized CRM drives ROI and value.

Our CRM systems and processes are fully customizable, and we customize them to your exacting business needs, as they change over time. For over 20 years we have been building custom features, integrations, websites & apps for our customers.

Here are some of the customizability we can offer:

Custom fields for storing and tracking important data about your customers and prospects.

Custom dashboards to help you track key performance indicators (KPIs) related to sales growth.

Custom reports to help you understand trends and patterns in your sales data.

Custom workflows to automate repetitive tasks, such as lead routing or follow-up emails.

Custom integrations with other tools and systems, such as email marketing platforms or social media networks.

Customized email templates to make it easier to send personalized messages to customers and prospects.

Custom product and service catalogs to help you track and manage your offerings.

Custom quotes and proposals to streamline the sales process and close deals faster.

Customized lead scoring and qualification criteria to help you prioritize your efforts.

Web forms to capture leads from your website or other online channels.

Customizable sales forecasting tools to help you predict future revenue and adjust sales strategies accordingly.

Lead nurturing campaigns to help you build relationships with prospects and move them through the sales funnel.

Customizable lead assignment rules, with Territory Management, to ensure leads are routed to the appropriate salesperson or team.

Customized email templates, with mail-merge of fields, to help your sales team stay on message and deliver consistent messaging.

Customized training and onboarding with our all-inclusive Fast Track program. We help sales reps to help them get up to speed quickly.

Customized alerts and notifications to keep your team informed about important customer activity and sales opportunities.

Customized customer segmentation and targeting to help you identify and focus on the most valuable customers.

Data import and export tools to help you manage and analyze large amounts of sales data.

Better Email Management, with plugins integrated into Outlook and Gmail, that connect with the CRM contact database. Add notes, and tasks, save emails, and more from within your favorite email client.

Better email management, means happier customers, employees, partners, and management. Free your trapped emails by saving them into the CRM, attached to the customer, task, order, invoice, or whatever, so that the right information is shared with the right people, at the right times.

Manage emails for incoming requests from leads, customers, partners, management, employees, etc.

Forward emails to the right people for follow-up and add info into CRM, for processing.

Save a copy of your important emails to the CRM, download the order, add it to Google Drive, and enter the data into the CRM and the other applications.

Manage the customer relationships with each account, to improve the customer experience, and provide continued learning on how to change as your customers and the market change.

We help manage customers through the entire process. Here are some of the capabilities we can offer:

.   Lead generation and qualification

.   Contact database management

.   Email and calendar scheduling

.   Lead and opportunity tracking

.   Customer relationship management (CRM)

.   Proposal and quote generation

.   Invoice and payment processing

.   Task and project management

.   Meeting and call scheduling

.   Sales forecasting

.   Sales reporting and analysis

.   Lead scoring and prioritization

.   Customer segmentation

.   Personalized communication

.   Product and pricing updates

.   Customer feedback collection

.   Marketing automation

.   Lead nurturing

.   Sales enablement

.   Collaboration and communication within the sales team

Manage Marketing Campaigns to keep a steady flow of new customers, and repeat customers. Fuel up-sells and cross-sells, create customers for life, drive referrals, and repeat business. We can help create and manage campaigns that funnel high-quality leads into the funnel. We help nurture the leads, qualify them for opportunities, and help close those opportunities.

Here are some of the tasks that we can help you with, to improve marketing operations:

.   Social media scheduling and publishing

.   Email list segmentation and personalization

.   Lead generation and qualification

.   Data entry and database management

.   Marketing budget tracking and forecasting

.   Content creation and curation

.   Landing page creation and A/B testing

.   Customer relationship management (CRM) updates

.   Campaign analysis and reporting

.   Lead nurturing and scoring

.   Marketing automation workflows

.   Event registration and scheduling

.   Customer segmentation and targeting

.   Marketing asset management

.   SEO keyword research and tracking

.   Ad targeting and optimization

.   Marketing asset creation (e.g. images, videos, etc.)

.   Website analytics tracking and reporting

.   Customer feedback and review management

.   Influencer outreach and collaboration.

Keep all customer and partner account data updated, and accurate. Our CRM systems provide the software and our people-as-a-service solutions offer fractional Order management staff that can help orders flow through the business.

Outsourcing mundane tasks in order management free up staff to do more orders.

These are some of the order management tasks that can be easily outsourced:

.   Order entry and processing

.   Customer service inquiries and requests

.   Order tracking and updates

.   Inventory management and reordering

.   Shipping and fulfillment

.   Payment processing and invoicing

.   Returns and exchanges

.   Fraud detection and prevention

.   Upselling and cross-selling

.   Data analysis and reporting

.   Email and social media communication

.   Customer segmentation and targeting

.   Personalized recommendations

.   Subscription management

.   Promotions and discounts

.   Customer loyalty programs

.   Supplier communication and coordination

.   Purchase order generation

.   Contract management

.   Compliance and regulatory checks

Manage the interaction between CRM and Accounting Systems

Help automate accounting and the integration between the CRM, and the accounting system, to keep everything straight. Here are some of the tasks that can be automated:

.   Invoice creation and sending

.   Payment processing and recording

.   Bank and credit card account reconciliation

.   Accounts payable management

.   Accounts receivable management

.   Payroll processing

.   Budgeting and forecasting

.   Financial reporting

.   Tax preparation and filing

.   Expense tracking and categorization

.   Inventory management

.   Purchase order creation and tracking

.   Sales order processing

.   Customer relationship management

.   Project management

.   Time tracking and billing

.   Data entry and scanning

.   Document management and storage

.   Collaboration and communication

.   Fraud detection and prevention




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