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With the hosted model of all our applications, you can rest assured that you will never have to worry about security issues anymore. Salesboom provides state-of-the-art security to ensure that your customer data is never compromised. At Salesboom.com, we know that security is crucial to you that's why security is our top priority. We devote significant resources to continually develop our world-class security infrastructure to deliver unsurpassed security and privacy of our customers' information.
  • Expert team of experienced, professional engineers and security specialists dedicated to round-the-clock protection of data and systems
  • Continuous deployment of proven, up-to-date firewall protection, SSL encryption, and other security technologies, including proprietary products developed specifically for Salesboom.com
  • Ongoing evaluation of emerging security developments and threats
  • Complete redundancy throughout the entire Salesboom.com Online Infrastructure architecture
  • Total commitment to a secure, scalable, private collocated system (Unlike a hosted system arrangement, Salesboom.com manages all aspects of its operations.)

Physical Security
Our production equipment is collocated in Halifax, NS at a facility that provides 24-hour physical security, redundant electrical generators, redundant data center air conditioners, and other backup equipment designed to keep servers continually up and running.

Data Encryption
Salesboom.com leverages the strongest encryption products to protect customer data and communications, including 128-bit Verisign SSL Certification and 1024 Bit RSA public keys. The lock icon in the browser indicates that data is fully shielded from access while in transit.

Reliability and Backup
All networking components, SSL accelerators, load balancers, Web servers, and application servers are configured in a redundant configuration. All customer data is stored on a primary database server that is clustered with a backup database server for redundancy. All customer data is stored on disk storage that is mirrored across different storage cabinets and controllers. All customer data, up to the last committed transaction, is automatically backed up to a primary tape library on a nightly basis. Backup tapes are immediately cloned to a second tape library to verify their integrity, and the clones are moved to secure, fire-resistant off-site storage on a regular basis. Disaster recovery plans are in place.
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