What is an Account?
An account is a company or organization that is involved in some way with your company. They could be a customer, partner, investor etc.

Use the Accounts tab page to create, update and manage your accounts. You can link contacts, opportunities, notes and tasks to each account. There are numerous sort and filter options available to help you locate key accounts quickly. You can also generate and print reports.

Accounts Tab Page
The Accounts tab page is divided into two sections: Featured Accounts and Manage Accounts. Use Featured Accounts to view your accounts in a variety of ways. The Manage Accounts section has tools that allow you to create accounts, import accounts and generate account reports.

Viewing Accounts
From the Featured Accounts section, use the Show drop down box to generate an account summary. Simply choose one of the listed options from the drop down box. A summary of all accounts matching your selection will automatically be displayed in a few seconds. To view an account in detail click the View link.

Selecting a letter from the alphabet list, located at the top and bottom of the summary, will display a summary of accounts beginning with the selected letter.

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Custom Account Views

Manage Accounts
The Manage Accounts section contains four subsections:
  • Quick Account allows you to quickly create a new account.
  • Generate Reports contains a variety of reports you can generate.
  • Account Tools contains a list of helpful tools.
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Managing Accounts

Creating a New Account
There are two ways that you can add a new account. Use Quick Account if you want to quickly add a new account without entering a lot of information. Further details can be filled in at a later time. Use Detailed Addition if you want to create a new account with a detailed profile.

Quick Account
  • Choose the Accounts tab located at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to the Quick Account section.
  • Enter the information for the new account in the fields provided. Fields highlighted in red and marked with an asterisk are required fields. The other fields may be left blank if you wish.
  • Click the Save Account button to create the new account.
Detailed Addition
  • From the Accounts tab page, click the Add Account button located in the upper right region of the page. This will bring you to the New Account form.
  • Fill in your account information using the Account Information, Address Information and Description Information sections of the form. Fields highlighted in red and marked with an asterisk are required fields. All other fields may be left blank if you wish.
  • Use the account Summary section to attach Tasks (Activities) and Notes to the account.
  • Save your account by clicking the Save or Save & New button.

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Saving Accounts
When you have created a new account, or have made changes to an existing account, you will be able to save the account information using either of the following two methods:
i. Select the Save & New button to save your new account. You will then be presented with a blank form on which you can create another new account.

ii. Select the Save button to save your new account. This will bring you to a summary page for your new account. From this page you can Edit, Delete and Print your account information. Click the Accounts tab to go back to the Accounts page if you wish.

Edit, Delete or Print an Account
When accounts are displayed on the Accounts tab page or in a search or generated report, click the View link to view the account details. From the details page you can Edit, Delete or Print the account.

Edit: Click the Edit button to change the information for the account. To save your changes, click the Save or Save & New button.

Delete: Click the Delete button. You will be prompted to verify that you want to delete the account. Click OK to delete the account. Click Cancel to cancel the deletion.

Print: Click the Printable button to view a print preview of the account information. Select the Print This Page link located at the top right corner of the preview to print the account information. If you do not want to print the account, simply close the window.

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Account Tools

Import Accounts

Web Capture Accounts
The web capture tool allows you to create an HTML form that can be filled out on your web site. When the user fills in and submits the form, a new account is created in your salesboom.com organization containing the information entered by the user. This tool is invaluable for tracking customers.

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Generating Account Reports

Running Reports
The Generate Reports section contains a number of reports you can run. These reports have predefined search criteria. Simply select a listed report to run it. Other account reports are listed on the Reports tab. Click the All Reports button located in the Generate Reports section or click the Reports tab to access all available reports.

Adding a Contact to an Account
You may have contacts to numerous people within an account.

Adding an Opportunity to an Account
Opportunities are pending sales. Add opportunities to accounts in order to keep track of pending business from each account.

Adding a Note to an Account
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Adding a Task to an Account
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