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What is Cloud Computing?
Cloud Computing Definition: CRM Software and Cloud Computing

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Cloud Computing & Online CRM

What is Cloud Computing? There are many views of the Cloud Computing definition, Cloud Computing is the new big wave in the IT Industry and it is touching all areas of business. The idea behind Cloud Computing is that it provides a wealth of knowledge found on the internet to all areas of an organization. This wealth of knowledge comes in many forms including social media cloud computing, blogs, groups, forums, answers and expert communities. It also lowers total operational cost by providing organizations with a way to unload software and IT costs onto outside service providers. Cloud Computing began with Software as a Service (SaaS) On Demand Software Solutions such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software early in 2000 and has been evolving ever since.

First designed to provide small and medium sized business with software solutions they could once not afford, SaaS CRM or CRM in the Clouds has been adopted by some of the largest corporations all around the world. Cloud Computing can also be referred to as Utility Computing, Cloud Based Computing, Green Computing and Green IT since companies are looking at ways to cut costs and resources.

How does Cloud Computing Work? Cloud Computing Provides You:

  • Low Total Software Cost
  • Low Risk with Cloud Computing
  • Low Up front Software Costs
  • Advanced Customer Service Tools
  • Enhanced Collaboration Between Departments

The low cost and low risk associated with Cloud Computing is benchmarked against traditional desktop software solutions such as contact managers. The cost of such solutions is rather large which also increases the risks involved in purchasing these solutions. It is also worth noting that the majority of the providers of traditional business software have added Cloud Computing to their line-up in recent years, Cloud Computing is seen as next wave for it investors. has been servicing enterprises, small, medium and large with CRM Software solutions via the cloud since 2002 by hosting their information within our secure data centers and providing access on a service basis, we are one of the original Cloud Computing companies.

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