Outlook 365 CRM integration

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Outlook 365 CRM integration

Empower Sales to work faster & smarter by adding contacts & saving emails into your CRM directly from Outlook or Gmail, without having to be in the CRM itself. Total game-changer as you can curate the right e-mails from the masses while in email, for later follow-up. In CRM, reports show all the contacts with emails saved, with the email attached to the contact in the CRM.

CRM working seamlessly with Gmail means you can be in Gmail, saving Contacts & e-mails to the CRM, from within Gmail.

CRM working seamlessly with Outlook means you can be in Outlook, saving Contacts & e-mails to the CRM, from within Outlook, independent of whether you are in the CRM or not.

Free yourself from having to sift through countless emails, over and over, to find Customer information. Save important customer emails to your CRM directly from the email interface. It saves time, prioritizes the important emails from the rest, for later processing in the CRM. They are two different tasks, and doing them separately saves time and effort.

Save time and effort when dealing with Customers and e-mails. Save contacts and e-mails to your CRM from within your email. Share the contacts and emails in the CRM, and prioritize follow-up from within the CRM.

Email automation has come a long way but finding out who to send an email to and when is most important. Identify good contacts from your older emails, and save the contact and any other emails to the CRM from within Gmail or Outlook.

A good contact that will read your emails has much more value than sending many emails to strangers. Go through old emails to identify good contacts, and then save the contact and any other emails to the CRM from within Gmail or Outlook.

Sales growth comes from identifying and nurturing relationships, listening to your customers, providing relevant products/services to fulfill their needs. CRM systems help by giving Sales Ops a platform to manage these relationships.

Your relationships with customers are trapped in email and not leveraged properly. The new e-mail to CRM plugin from Salesboom allows for saving contacts and emails in the CRM, from within Gmail or Outlook. This categorizes the information Sales needs to follow up and build on relationships with little work.

Save emails to your Contacts in the CRM, from within Outlook or Gmail. Better manage current customers, and look back in your email history to save good contacts and emails that have been missed.

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