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About Salesboom Cloud CRM & SFA

what is Salesboom

Salesboom.com™ is the launching pad, command center, and the rocket ship to blast your business into the next world. Our Web Based Client Relationship Management (CRM) helps unify your strategic sales, marketing, customer service and much more all in one user-friendly platform. Since 2003, We have been helping leading companies increase Sales, strengthen and maintain a long lasting Relationships with customers and increase top line growth. We are the best value-based CRM platform, providing customization and support specific to your business, all for an extremely affordable cost. And, to ensure success, each client gets free support and a dedicated consultant who understands your business.

Our Story

Salesboom was born, like most great and innovative companies, out of realizing a need. Both partners who started Salesboom met in Computer Science classes at Dalhousie, They began to build small e-companies in the late 90s and soon came to the realization that they needed some sort of resource to manage all their client-interactions, marketing, and sales. And from that need, Salesboom was born. Once Troy and Romi saw the usefulness of a CRM in their businesses, they knew they could perfect it and help businesses around the world grow and "boom". It wasn't long, and in 2003 Sales Boom was launched. With 15 years of many ups and a few downs, Sales Boom is now regarded was one of the most innovative and affordable cloud-based CRM platforms in the world.

Our Mission

Salesboom has a very simple mission: to provide a simple CRM platform from which any business can expand and grow their sales, marketing, and customer service (plus much more). Along side this, part of the mission is to provide a customized product that is tailored to a specific business and its needs. We strive to be the launching pad, command center, and the rocket ship to blast off any business.

Our Vision

Salesboom is constantly working towards being the best cloud-based, value brand in the CR?M world. We strive to constantly be working towards creating new innovations in the CRM space, so we that help ourselves and everyone around us grow and expand together. We want to be constantly discovering and exploring new worlds and possibilities in the CRM universe.

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