Salesboom Cloud CRM integrated with Twilio!

Experience taking your business out of this world.


Salesboom Cloud CRM & SFA solutions now integrated with Twilio!

Twilio constantly builds software that communicates with everyone in the world while Salesboom gives you the command center to understand, organize, and track your connections. Come see what Twilio and Salesboom can offer your business.

  • Increase revenues with more customer face time,
  • Increase Sales productivity
  • Have happier, more productive Sales people
  • Stay in close contact with Customers, Contacts, Leads, Accounts, Partners, Employees
  • Communicate with Customers

Salesboom has built plugins with Twilio APIs to send text messages, make phone calls, send emails and more. It's available without programming, and is pre-integrated with the Contact Manager and Sales Pipeline tools, Marketing and Support, Quoting, and Billing as part of Salesboom's offering.

We built our own integration between CRM and Twilio, we maintain the integration and build customized solutions for our customrs, with our in-house Professional Services team. Since 2003 our Built-to-Suit Model have made us the King of the Custom Job. Ask today what we can do for you.

Salesboom with Twilio features include:

  • Click-to-dial built-in for maximizing phone time with contacts, leads, Accounts. Never dial a number again.
  • Send SMS (Text) message one-on-one, with the click of a button.
  • Send Mass SMS (Text) messages to a list of Contacts or Leads from any report or Campaign, or to all the Contacts attached to an Account.
  • Save all conversations attached to the Contact or Lead, via phone, text, email, chat, Social
  • Real time alerts via Text with alerts of a new lead or a new Opportunity, for example.
  • Customized workflow rules trigger whenever you decide is appropriate and alerts you via email, text, phone.

Improve Security. Texting plus phone calls allow your organization to achieve the utmost of security over your Customer Database. Lock down access to Corporate Data with Customized security and access settings, Role Hierarchy and Customized user Profiles.

Security Features include:

  • Text messages of passwords for user identification
  • Phone calls from Twilio that read off a password over the phone
  • Two-factor Authentication – user login with username and password plus send text and email alert
  • Three-factor Authentication - user login with username and password plus send text and email alert
  • Four-factor Authentication -user login with username and password plus send text and email alert plus mobile app installation or Computer MAC Address verification
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