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Microsoft Excel

CRM Integrated with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets & Excel Online

CRM Integrated with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets & Excel Online Salesboom has built-in native integrations with Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and Microsoft Excel online.

One-click export of data to Excel (.csv) file from any custom Report.

Import Data into the CRM from .csv files and have all the records added to the database with the correct data in the correct fields.

Point-and-click add new fields and instantly import new data into those new fields.

Custom Formula Spreadsheets integrated with Salesboom CRM. Stay in your Excel spreadsheets that you love, and have the data fields synchronized between the spreadsheet and the Salesboom database, and vice versa.

When you open the spreadsheet, current information is pulled from the CRM into your Spreadsheet, and linked with the field in the database.

Save Excel Spreadsheets as documents attached to Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities, Projects, Quotes, Invoices, Contracts or any other data record.

Save Excel files as documents in a folder within Salesboom Cloud CRM.

Save Excel spreadsheets on Dropbox with integration to CRM.

Save Excel files to Google Docs with integration to the CRM.

Save Excel Documents in Office365 and with integration to CRM.

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