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Cloud CRM Integrated with MailChimp

Salesboom Cloud CRM is now integrated MailChimp Email system. Beautifully Designed Email templates, ready to go with the click of a button.

MailChimp is known for making it simple and easy to create wining email templates that drive results. Salesboom Cloud CRM & SFA is known for driving sales revenue growth and increasing Sales productivity. Now with MailChimp integrated with CRM, you are in the driver's seat.

Being timely and relevant is key to Marketing and Sale success. Compelling content with Call to actions to fill out web forms and have information submitted as a Lead in the CRM system is key.

Self-service Email Template creation, Mass Email, Drip Marketing, Campaign Management and Automated follow-up is what makes any Email campaign a success.

Track Emails and get real time alerts on:

  • How many emails were sent & Opened
  • How many emails opened
  • Bounced Emails
  • Leads who signed up from your web form or Mobile form
  • People who have visited your website

Improve Security. Texting plus phone calls allow your organization to achieve the utmost of security over your Customer Database. Lock down access to Corporate Data with Customized security and access settings, Role Hierarchy and Customized user Profiles.

Dashboards and Analytics with KPIs show how to run an effective and profitable Email Campaign that drives Sales growth.

Align the Marketing department with Sales teams by sending great email campaigns that nurture leads through the Sales funnel and close deals.

Give Marketing the control they need to put out great Email Marketing Campaigns and to track the results of Campaigns through closed deals in your Sales pipeline in the CRM system.

MailChimp sends beautiful emails that drive customers to signup. Salesboom provides the web forms for these clients to sign up, either embedded in the emails or on a landing page or Social page, etc.

MailChimp is a leader in Email Management and WYSIWYG creation of compelling Email Templates that are easy to use.

Salesboom is proud to be a partner of MailChimp and have their email templates sent out from Salesboom, and also having all emails tracked from our CRM system, with Lead Generation from Web Forms online.

Salesboom Lead Management, Sales Pipeline Management Opportunity Management with ForeCasting, Quotes-to-Cash and more, means your business will grow from all these great Email campaigns you can do yourself, with a click of a button.

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