Cloud CRM integrated with Lead Forensics

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Lead Forensics

Cloud CRM integrated with Lead Forensics

Automate Lead Generation by turning Website Visitors into Leads Grow Sales today by turning Web visitors into Sales.

Identify your anonymous website visitors - and give you the contact information (including phone, email) of key decision makers.

Give you better marketing insights than you've ever had before by finding how how web visitors Tell you found you and what they are interested in.

Zaps connect your apps. They're workflows that automatically finish actions and tasks, while you do more important work.

Convert your web traffic into leads before they even fill in a form.

Reveal the identity of your anonymous website visitors, and turn them into actionable sales-ready leads.

In real-time and integrated with Cloud CRM.

98% of website visitors leave without enquiring, and so their potential as a Lead is lost.

Turn those anonymous visitors into Leads in your CRM, dropped into a Drip Marketing Campaign and with real-time alerts, automated followups and lead nurturing and lead segmenting with Reports, Dashboards and Analytics to help identify High Quality Leads.

Capture the following Business and Contact information from Website Visitors:

  • Business Names
  • Email Addresses of Key Contacts
  • Names of Key Decision Makers
  • Industries and Turnover
  • Search Queries
  • Page Engagements
  • Locations
  • Company Sizes
  • Telephone Numbers of Key Contacts
  • Customer Journeys
  • How Many Times They Visited
  • Website Addresses

Create Web Forms and Landing pages in Salesboom or have our in-house Professional Services team design them for you. Anytime anyone visits that landing page, Salesboom will capture the contact information of the website visitor for you, even if they didn't fill out the form, and even if they are not in your current Contact database.

All those anonymous 'hits' to your website are now turned into real life company names, contact names Key Decision makers and more.

Instead of wasting website traffic, generate quality leads from your website traffic to feed straight to the sales team in Salesboom. Take control of your campaign results and never lose a lead again.

Drive Sales Growth by getting alerted when a potential deal is now researching your Website. Know what products they are looking at, what pages they travelled on your website, if they are looking at your refund guarantee or shopping that new Quote you just sent them.

Get paid faster by identifying when an overdue customer lands on your website, in conjunction with the Quotes, Contracts and Invoices stored in Salesboom.

It is not a stretch to say that most business we don't even know about because we didn't get the chance to have a discussion of needs and how we could fulfill those needs quickly, cheaply and with quality.

Here are some sales growth opportunities waiting to monetize your website traffic:

  • 93% of business purchases now start online
  • 70% of businesses buy from the first company they speak with

Cold calling is dead. Account-Based Marketing (ABM) and Account-Based Sales are the way to go. You can research your ideal customer targets and get notified when any of those Customer or contacts visit your website. Connect with them on linkedin or share a post they like and you will know where they found you so you will always timely and relevant responses to drive sales growth while at the same time improve customer satisfaction by reducing friction in the buying Process.

Start calling pre-qualified, warm leads, but if Cold Calling is still your thing, we can increase cold calling conversion rates from 2% to 40%

Integrated Click-to-dial with your lead and contact database, along with Text messaging and email sending, right within your Salesboom system.

Get Marketing and Sales togehter in real time, with every visitor a potential Sales lead. This drives participation and makes Campaigns explode.

Experience our market leading software for yourself today, with a free demo and trial. Let us show you how it would help fuel your sales team with a high value pipeline of leads, so that they can start a sales conversations with prospects actively interested in your services; I guarantee it will be worth taking 10 minutes of your time to take a look.

Lead Generation Made Easy with Salesboom Cloud CRM integrated with Lead Forensics

Reveal the contact details of your website soon as they land!

Have Marketing, Sales, Partners and Management all on the same page when it comes to making the customer experience the best it can be.

Drive referrals and track partner commissions in the CRM as well as having knowledge of when any customer or lead visits either your page, one of your partner's pages, or both.

Take a Free trial of Salesboom, set up a demonstration and let's see Lead Forensics can work for you, before you buy!.

Let us get you set up with a demonstration today! When would be a good time for you?

Turn Website Visitors into Leads with Salesboom plus Lead Forensics

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