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Best CRM Support is proud to announce the arrival of our Free Live CRM Support, this is available to all customers and prospective clients, and it can be accessed directly on your CRM dashboard from within our CRM Platform. This newest feature helps to connect our customers and prospective clients with a member of our knowledgeable and well educated CRM Consultants. Our CRM Consultants have been trained on all the latest features and the most commonly asked questions so they can provide you with the quickest solution to whatever the case may be.

This new tool keeps only a click away from each and every one of your employees giving your busy IT department a well earned break. This latest tool has been implemented to help drive user adoption and aid in the learning process to get your company up and running at full speed in no time.








Customizations or Configurations help? Workflow and Role Hierarchy Setup questions? Custom Reporting and Views help? Just ask our consultants online, it’s FAST and it's FREE! is the first and only CRM Company to offer Live Web Support to its customers, for us it is just another way to keep in contact with our clients; Enjoy!

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As of February 20, 2008 all customers will have unlimited free access to our highly trained live support team.