Rich Internet Application (RIA) development is found throughout the Salesboom system and is primarily used for time saving features. Salesboom is leading the Web 2.0 front for CRM & ERP by continuously adding AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) components that allow for real time interaction with the server, without the need for a page refresh. Comet features allow the client (browser) to be notified from the server based on any event, thus reducing the need to poll the server continuously for the client to recognize that an event has occurred. Comet also reduces the wait time from event to user notification as events are pushed to the client from the server as they occur.

The combination of AJAX and Comet, among other technologies allows Salesboom CRM to act more like a desktop application than other browser-based CRM applications. This results in a more user-friendly, time saving CRM with higher adoption rates.

Ajax Contacts Rolodex

Web Based CRM Administration with cutting edge AJAX Functionalites
New, revolutionary functionality that you won’t find on any other on-demand CRM application. Salesboom has taken it to the next level with subtle, but powerful AJAX components that dramatically speed up the often manually driven administration functions that still plague other on-demand CRMs.

Mass upload and mass delete of any business data is standard in Solo CRM Edition, Team Edition or Professional Edition CRM &ERP by Salesboom. Mass reassign is included in Team, Professional and Enterprise Editions.

New in v8:

This is a continuation of Salesboom’s driving effort to adopt cutting edge technologies that are defining today’s on-demand software applications. Salesboom is a pioneer in on-demand business and continues to build it’s on-demand business computing platform by committing to the advancement and adoption of business software technologies such as Service Oriented Architectures (SOAs), Web Services, XML, XSLT, CSS and AJAX .